Where to buy a cheap hosting and domain for our website?

To acquire a new website, it is important to keep in mind that we must have a hosting and domain to be able to host our website. Today there are many options where we can acquire this service. Some of the examples are: sitegroud , hostinger , hosgator , goddady , sered in our case we will choose sitegroud. The web domain will be a fundamental part for our content to be found

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  1. Acquiring service in Web Hosting
  2. How to choose a good domain name?
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Acquiring service in Web Hosting

Before choosing the web hosting we must consider the prices, in some of the occasions the prices are usually very accessible, so we must review offers on each of the websites, but we must answer these questions before:

  1. What is our website focused on?
  2. How many visits are we going to receive?
  3. How much will our website depend on these services?

You probably have no idea which hosting plan is the most suitable, so we recommend choosing a basic plan, why are you starting. Knowing this we should consider offers on our website. You can choose coupons and I leave you my affiliate link so you can get discounts. We recommend using a premium plan if you want to explore your idea to the fullest.


hosting plan to choose
here we select according to our hosting plan budget

How can I pay for my hosting plan? 

You can pay with PayPal, Visa and MasterCard . On some occasions like hostinger.mx you can pay in Oxxo if you are from Mexico , deposit or bank transfer.

How to choose a good domain name?

To choose a domain name we must first consider aspects such as:

  • Our brand name
  • Niche
  • Originality

These 3 aspects will help us to understand faster the impact of our site, as well as the . com .mx .tk among others, for example suppose that my brand is about dog products and my location is Mexico City , my brand is called "products for dogs", so with our central idea it is already embodied so now we must use the search engine of our hosting the suggested name for our domain.

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choose the name that best suits the approach you want to have
choose the name that best suits the approach you want to have

Now we are going to create a new website so that the files are installed in our hosting and database, this is important since the files that are stored and the database will contain all our information. We proceed to install WordPress on our website since WordPress is one of the most used elements to initialize a web page easily. Check the prices so that you take into account your budget, in some cases depending on the plan some domains may be free

We will wait a few minutes for the configuration to be done, it will ask us to enter an email and a password to be able to manage our WordPress panel.

Select the wordpress option and enter a password and email for access
Select the WordPress option and enter a password and email for access

Finally, proceed to make the corresponding payment of the domain and if it asks you for personal data so that this new domain is your property, you proceed to save the changes. Ready you already have your website ready to work on it.

You can consult our video tutorial in case the explanation in this post was not very clear.

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So you can create a backup of your website with WordPress (Opens in a new browser tab)

Video Tutorial:

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