ProBit Exchange that is and how it works

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ProBit Exchange that is and how it works

Launched in November 2018, ProBit is an ever-growing Exchange founded in Seychelles and Seoul, South Korea with its CEO Huyunsu Do and CTO Steve Woo.

This Exchange offers a multiple number of DeFi tokens, low-rate trading, contests, promotions, and Exchange services that you have access to via simple email registration and phone number.

Probit receives all kinds of traders within the platform and has two divisions, ProBit Global where the cryptocurrency exchange is performed with its own touch called (PROB) and ProBit Korea where it is traded only with South Korean won (KRW).

With more than 340 cryptocurrencies in more than 500 markets makes it one of the best exchanges with an intuitive interface that has more than 40 languages for use and with the option to reveal your identity or not, only if you participate in the probit Korea platform that is mandatory to be able to exchange with cryptocurrencies and the KRW won of South Korea.

👇 Register on the Exchange here in the banner 👇

probit banner
probit banner
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  1. ≫ ¿What is the PROB token?
    1. ◁ ¿HOW DO I REGISTER?
    5. 🥇 1 ProBit VIP Membership: Stake PROB, Commercial Rates as Low as 0.03%
    6. 🙂 Stake PROB
    7. ✅ Participate in Trade Mining
    8. 🤓 3 Referral Program
    9. 🤑 ¿Do I make a purchase on the Exchange?
    10. 🥇 Probit Features

≫ ¿What is the PROB token?

ProBit's pre-ICO was held from November 5, 2018 to November 28, 2018. Meanwhile, its ICO took place from December 11, 2018 to December 12, 2018.The price of the ICOpor 1 PROB token was USD 0.20, and the equipment intended to distribute 20,000,000 (10%) USD 4.5 million worth of tokens in cryptocurrencies.

the advantages of using the PROB within the platform are as follows:

-Low trading fees with PROB token discounts for your users as it charges you between 0.003% and 0.2% per trade, in addition to discounts for those who use the platform frequently.

-Earn 4% per year of PROB rewards every day through Stake Mining.

-PROB is used to provide refunds of trading rates through Trade Mining.

-Stacking PROB to participate in Trading Competitions.

-PROB tokens offer the highest bonuses when buying IEO tokens

-Lower commercial fees when paying with PROB.


Go to the official Probit page and click Sign Up.

registrar probit
registrar probit

You will see a form, after filling it out click REGISTER.

Solve the captcha of I'm not a robot.

It will send you a verification code to your email.

Copy the code and paste it into Verify to continue.

Once registered you will click on LOGIN, Enter your email, password, resolve the captcha and you are already registered.


Already inside the ProBit platform you have the option my page there you can complete the process for verifying the account known as KYC (know Your Client), it should be mentioned that this step is optional but I mention that having your account verified brings multiple benefits such as:

-Increase the daily withdrawal limit

-You will be able to participate in competitions

-Exclusive sale offers of initial currency up to 50% discount

-Participating in IEEs.

kyc paso 1

Press the Start Upload Process button to continue.

kyc paso 2

You will complete your verification by clicking on the KYC verification option, fill out the personal information requested by the form, take a photo of your official ID on both sides, then take a selfie holding your ID, uploads and send them.

kyc paso 3
kyc paso 3

After this your application will be reviewed and you will be sent an email with subject KYC ProBit Exchange Result and if you are approved it will take a few hours but after that you will be able to log in and look at the option my page and you will notice that it says verification completed.


The first thing you should know is that the platform does not accept fiduciary currency such as the dollar or euro to be able to access you must have BTC, ETH, USDT and KRW in case you do not own you must buy through Binance P2P, LocalBitcoins or any OTC platform.

You go to the top of the board on the platform and you will find the wallet option you click and you will have access to the proBit wallet, within the wallet section you will be able to see the RETIRO and DEPOSIT options this option is available for all currencies

Click DEPOSIT and put the initials of your token that you are going to deposit

probit depositar

Copy the Deposit Address or scan the proBit QR code

Enter the ProBit deposit address to your exchange from which you're sending your deposit tokens

Click Send or Transfer

Send a small trial transaction (for example, 0.01 ETH or 0.001 BTC) first to make sure the deposit is successful before submitting the full amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In ProBit each currency has its own deposit address Make sure you have the correct address before sending the deposit. If you mis-copy the address you will lose your funds without option to recover them.

The deposit confirmation time is estimated to be 1 to 2 hours and this has nothing to do with the platform, rather it is because of the number of transactions made on a blockchain delays the process. Once in ProBit Wallet you will be able to see the confirmation of the deposit and how the deposit is added to your balance.


You can keep your probit tokens free, forever, but in case you want to withdraw it's in a very simple way.

probit retirar

Click ON MONEDERO and the RETIRO option will appear, place the name of the token you want to withdraw, click it and already with the address of your wallet where you will receive , you must enter the amount to be withdrawn from tokens and you click On Withdraw Token.

They're going to send you an email with a code that you'll have to enter to authorize the transaction

To complete your withdrawal, you must enter a verification code that will be sent to your email address. Copy and paste to approve the transaction.

In order to confirm that your withdrawal reached its destination, check your wallet where you sent it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your wallet address is correct so you don't lose your tokens

🥇 1 ProBit VIP Membership: Stake PROB, Commercial Rates as Low as 0.03%

ProBit membership levels are

Standard and VIP 1 to VIP 11.

Membership levels are determined by the amount of PROB stacked.

Higher membership levels will benefit as they are:

reduced business rates,

refunds of higher trading rates through Trade Mining

higher reference bonuses.

trade mining probit
trade mining probit

🙂 Stake PROB

Entering the 100 PROBs platform earns 4% a year of PROB rewards every day through ProBit Mining Stake.

Participation mining is a feature that allows users to earn PROB rewards daily by simply depositing PROB in the participation wallet and the rate is 4% per year of PROB within your balance sheet. The more you own, the higher the benefits in PROB.

to activate Stake Mining.

probit stake mining

Add PROBs to your ProBit wallet.

NOTE PROB in stake will be locked for 180 days and will not be available for use during the locking period.

To receive my stake mining rewards.

is deposited in the user's competition wallet before 24:00 the next day. Please note that extracted PROB rewards are blocked for 6 months.

✅ Participate in Trade Mining

En ciertos pares comerciales de BTC, ETH y XRP, se puede recibir un reembolso del 20-100% de las tarifas comerciales activando Trade Mining, además de que el nivel de membresía otorga más descuentos si es más alto

Otras de las ventajas de usar el PROB dentro de la plataforma son las siguientes:

Tarifas de negociación bajas con descuentos de token PROB para sus usuarios ya que le cobra un 0,2% por operación, además de los descuentos  para los que usan la plataforma frecuentemente.

-PROB se utiliza para proporcionar reembolsos de tarifas comerciales a través de Trade Mining.

-Stacking PROB para participar en Trading Competitions.

probit competicion stake

-PROB tokens offer the highest bonuses when buying IEO tokens.

2 Pay trading fees in PROB and 0.03% discounts for trading and paying with PROB

-Click My Page and turn on Pay commercial rates with PROB and you'll be able to get lower business rates when paying with PROB.

probit comprar prob

NOTE: If you do not have enough PROB for the payment of the fare, trading rates will be paid in currencies listed as USDT/BTC/ETH/KRW.

🤓 3 Referral Program

The referral program provides a referral code that allows users to recommend to their friends and earn 10 to 30% of the trading rates that your referrals make on the platform, the more PROBs trade the higher your bonuses will be, to verify your referral bonuses just look at your distribution history.

4 Automatic cryptocurrency retention campaigns up to 6% annual interest

probit tron

Current Tron Campaign (TRX) Up to 6% annually

If you accumulate Tron TRX on ProBit you will receive a daily TRX reward of 6% per year.

The only requirement is that you have your TRX trunks within the platform the amount of rewards for a user is proportional to the accumulation of TRX that user has on the platform.

5 Buy tokens at a BIG discount

ProBit Exclusive is a ProBit promotion where you can subscribe and purchase popular tokens with discounts up to 50% off before the token is included in ProBit.

probit exclusive

In case the demand for the desired token is greater than the supply of the same, an equitable distribution will be made for all participants to profit, there are many projects in the probit rows to go on exclusive sale you only have to be on the slope, it is worth mentioning that 200 tokens have been incorporated where many of the users have benefited

ProBit Exclusive Lite offers users the opportunity to purchase popular tokens at a fraction of their original price after being released on proBit Exclusive.

Tokens that are available for probit exclusive lite subscription are tokens that are already listed in ProBit and participants must own a stake of 500 PROB to participate in ProBit Exclusive Lite.

The betting PROB will be blocked for a period of 180 days and the maximum token allocation for each participant will depend on their VIP level and the more PROB you have in staked the greater your assignment.

In the event that demand is greater than supply, distribution will be equitable.

🤑 ¿Do I make a purchase on the Exchange?

Go to the Exchange and get acquainted with the interface

On the left side of the board you will see all available markets.

probit exchange

In the middle of the screen is the price chart for the selected trading pair

On the right side, in ORDER BOOK and Trade Feed and under this section "BUY" and SELL where you can do business.

probit exchange mercados

Example of purchase:

If you want to exchange ProBit Token (PROB), search for "PROB" or "Token ProBit" on the left side of the screen.

The pairs will appear to be able to negotiate

You choose the PROB/USDT pair and the price chart will switch to the PROB/USDT trading pair.

Go to the Order Fulfillment section. Automatically your order will be limited, this means that your purchase will be limited to the price you lower on your purchase.

You add the amount to buy and click buy and you're just waiting for the price you've chosen to make your purchase to be met. Likewise it is done with the sale.

🥇 Probit Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: Spanish, Korean, English and among other languages.


👇 Register on the Exchange here in the banner 👇

probit banner
probit banner

Countries you accept: Everyone.

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