About Us

I am ALEJANDRO CABALLERO a 22 year old entrepreneur Computer Systems Engineer, I started my career to dedicate myself to the research of technologies and business solutions. I am currently certifying in Lenovo Servers, NetApp and VMWare in order to be an expert in information technology. I live in Mexico City, I always like to make collaborations with companies and people in the community.
We are a website dedicated to creating content and tutorials of all kinds regarding web storage, hosting, computer security I like to repair computer equipment, and surf the Internet in search of solutions for people. I enjoy programming in any programming language. Currently I have knowledge in; Programming, building neural networks, creating web and mobile applications, frameworks, databases, API's, cloud server configuration, storage, virtualization, content editing for platforms and cybersecurity.

My Goal:

My goal with this website is to help people prepare professionally for the workplace by writing tutorials and tips to improve their efficiency at work. Also, to share my experience as a professional person in the most ethical way possible.

We know that it is difficult to find a website that, of well-argued examples, so in our articles you will find steps to follow, visual material, recommendations and if possible video tutorials for a better experience.

Professional development:

Graduated from CUGS University as a Computer Systems Engineer.

Currently I work in a private company that provides professional solutions to customers such as; ferromex, government, Pemex etc.. These professional services are storage solutions and computing power.

Certifications: cisco, lenovo servers, NetApp, VMWare, Microsoft Azure, AWS.

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