How to create a backup for your WordPress website

Backups on your website are probably one of the most important things to ensure that information is always available, especially if it comes to a hack on your website. That is why some hosts provide automatic backups daily, weekly or monthly. We must always pay attention to the maintenance of our website.

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  1. How to create a backup from WordPress?
  2. How to make a backup from the hosting?
    1.  Tutorial on how to create backups:

How to create a backup from WordPress?

To create a backup from WordPress we will use the wordress all on migration plugin , to generate a backup you must first go to the plugin and then go to "backups" and hit "create backups",  It will start creating the backup security, so it may take a few minutes to generate. It is important that you DO NOT close the browser tab , otherwise it will not be possible to complete correctly.

What data will my backup save?: When your backup is generated, it will save the entire database, images, posts, logos, themes and plugins. Therefore, it is recommended to make backup copies gradually when important changes are made to our site.

create backup of your website
create backup of your website

At the end of the backup we recommend that you save it on your computer, create a folder and put the date of each of them, so you can be sure that your website will always be available in case it is damaged by bots at some point .

To generate a personalized backup we go to the plugin and to the export part, within that section we choose what YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE EXPORTED, that is, what will be excluded from our copy, we can also create a password to protect our backup . We must consider that our password must be in a safe place since without it we cannot access the content.

custom backup
custom backup

After making a backup you can see from here how to restore it: Restore WordPress Website Backup ( Opens in a new browser tab)

How to make a backup from the hosting?

To make backup copies from the server, we must access our hosting and look for that option, but it will depend on our plan, since some make backup copies automatically from time to time, now we are going to go to the panel, in the section backup >backups . In this panel we can see the backups that the system has made automatically or scheduled.

If we want to create a backup manually , we enter a name and click on create. Now we wait for the backup to be created and it will appear at the bottom. We can enter any name we want.

backup from sitegroud panel control
backup from sitegroud panel control

Now to restore the backup, just hit the 3 points and hit reset, we wait a few minutes for the copy to be restored. What will this procedure reset?

  •  Databases.
  • All WordPress installation files.

In what situations can I reset my website? When it stops working properly or there is a problem with your WordPress installation.

 Tutorial on how to create backups:

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