How to migrate a website to a new hosting?

To migrate a website we must first know that the domain and the hosting are 2 different things, so we can have a domain in a web hosting and the storage and database in another web hosting, in a nutshell we can have our domain inhostinger .mx and the files and database at To make a transfer from our original site we must perform the following points.

Where to acquire a hosting and domain for our website?

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  1. How to create a database with WP MIGRATION?
  2. Set NameServers to the new server.
    1. Video tutorial for website migration:

How to create a database with WP MIGRATION?

This WordPress plugin is one of the easiest options to be able to make a backup of our entire site, we can also find it within the free plugin store from the WordPress panel.

backup de wordpress
backup de WordPress

Once the backup of our page is generated, we download the file, it depends on our content, it will have a weight of e MB considering aspects such as: images, videos, documents . And we must also consider the size, since it can take a few minutes to generate a backup. The file will have a .wpress extension, this plugin is paid for if we want to generate backups we must take into account. When we download the backup file we must go to our new hosting and install WordPress and upload the backup with the same WordPress plugin .

Set NameServers to the new server.

In order to use our current domain in, we must first indicate in Sitegroud that we are going to use an existing website, what it will do is first search if the domain is registered and then search for the NameServers within the domain. In this case the DNS of the domain are from Hostinger since this domain was acquired there, but our DNS are pointing to the sitegroud servers.

Hostinger domain pointing to siteground servers
Hostinger domain pointing to siteground servers

But how do we know which NS address our domain should point to? To know what address our DNS should point to when adding the existing site from sitegroud, placing the domain that is in Hostinger will give us the NAMESERVERS that we must change from Hostinger and save the changes.

setup on sitegroud with existing domain
setup on sitegroud with existing domain

In this way our Hostinger domain will be pointing to the Sitegroud servers, now we wait a few minutes or hours for the DNS to propagate, so your site will probably appear as inaccessible.

To find out how our DNS process is going, we go to the page and place the url of our website, and select the NS option for the Name Servers, it may take up to 24 hours to complete this procedure, so Let's have patience for it to complete correctly.

domain NS propagation
domain NS propagation

As we can see, they appear with a green check mark, so if they come out with a cross, they are not yet configured, and your website is probably not accessible, so we recommend you enter a page in incognito, because the browser cache in Sometimes it does not allow access. For the migration of the website it is important to consider changing the NS of the DNS of your host.

Video tutorial for website migration:

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