SASSLA is the best application that alerts you about an earthquake.

SASSLA is an application recommended by users and as we know in any part of the world a natural phenomenon can occur and cause disasters, however, thanks to technology we can be attentive to these phenomena. Of course, this technology can save our lives, because it will alert us in a forced way, forcing us to take actions to protect ourselves in a safe place. Applications today offer us products and services that impact our daily lives with the use of information. Among those applications are from financial services, weather to health status, as well as environmental phenomena.

What is SASSLA and how to install it on my smartphone?

SASSLA is a Mexican application that alerts users in real time about an earthquake that may affect their area. Its objective is to deliver early warnings critically, simultaneously and without delay, thanks to the technology dedicated to receiving the Mexico Seismic Alert.

Also, it offers compatibility for both Android and IOS mobile platforms. It is totally free and compatible for all smartphone models, all you need is an internet connection so that it can notify you through an alert that it emits in a robust way so that you are alert at all times.

  1. To install SASSLA on IOS and Android devices, we go to the app store.
    SASSLA on Android
    SASSLA for IOS
  2. Now we install the application on our mobile.
  3. We grant all necessary permissions.
  4. It will give us a brief review of how it works.
  5. Finally, we customize if we want to receive all alerts or only those that may affect you.

When installing this application we must take into account the following points:

  • Internet access is required for it to work.
  • At all times you will have access to your location in order to show you data.
  • It will ask you for many permissions to be able to interrupt applications when it sends an alert.
  • You will be able to access your information to monitor seismic activity.

Important: Although many users doubt the veracity of this application since it asks for too many permissions, this application only uses data and permissions to work properly. So it protects your data and is also recommended by the media and the government of Mexico City.

You can consult the official page of SASSLA to obtain more information about its operation.

In conclusion, we can say that we recommend this application if you live in a high-risk area and have no way of knowing when a phenomenon of this magnitude will occur.

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