So You can create a subdomain on your main domain

Subdomains on our website allow us to have categorized pages within the main domain, however this is useful when our organization page offers more services. However, subdomains within the authority of the main page generate more trust for users. This is because it offers you unique experience as user always worry about redirection to other unknown sites.

How do I create a subdomain on my main domain?

To generate a subdomain within your website you must have your own .com domain, that is, you have purchased it. This ensures us to customize the DNS and manage entries of other protocols. Your domain has to point to a hosting, this will allow it to host and read the files of your website. In addition, your hosting plan must have support for subdomains, databases, etc. plans plans

To create a subdomain follow these steps:

  1. Access your panel and select your main domain
  2. Create a database by entering name, username and password
  3. Now go to domains and then subdomains.
  4. Enter the name of your subdomain (this will be part of the URL)
  5. and then create
  6. Now access the URL , you will probably need to install an SSL certificate. So you can read the following article: Install SSL certificate 
  7. Finally, you can access the public_html and inside you will find the services folder. There you should place your public_html files for that site. Now, if you want to install WordPress, you'll need to select the database we created a few moments ago.

Why does my subdomain appear inside the public_html? : Being part of the main domain, it will create a section within that directory, however, the subdomain will NOT affect the main domain.

How can I know the path of my subdomain?: You will have to enter the file manager of the main domain, then public_html and inside it will be the name of the folder with which we have assigned the name.

If you are not sure about all these procedures, we recommend you read: This is how you can create a backup of your website with WordPress


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