How You Can Optimize Your WordPress Site Database

To optimize the database we must know that: WordPress represents an important part of websites worldwide, since it provides us with ease, support and security to be able to set up our website, it also guarantees that it is available to search engines What; Google,Bing,Yandex etc Within its panel, it provides free plugins and themes that help design your web page visually and structurally. However, it is important to maintain it so that it is always functional and offers a good service to users. Pay attention to the 2 different types of procedures.

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  1. How to Optimize a Database of My WordPress Site From Hosting?
  2. How to Optimize the database from WordPress With LiteSpeed ​​Cache?

How to Optimize a Database of My WordPress Site From Hosting?

To optimize your website with WordPress it is recommended to create a backup that you can also find by clicking here. Once your backup is generated, you will have to access your hosting panel to access the databases linked to your site. To identify the database, it usually has a nomenclature that indicates the name linked to the WordPress installation. You must perform the following procedure to optimize your database:

  1. Access the Hosting Panel where your website is stored.
  2. If you have several websites, identify the .com domain from which you will perform the procedure.
  3. Now inside the panel you must identify the cPanel to access the database.
  4. Select the database that corresponds to the installation site.
  5. Within the database engine, you will need to select all the rows and columns that contain all the records.
  6. Select the " Repair Database " option at the bottom .
  7. After that, repeat the procedure, but now in the "Optimize Database" option. (Both procedures will take a few seconds to execute).
  8. Finally, in both operations, show a status of the SQL query that was made when executing this action.

These operations eliminate unnecessary data from the rows and columns, so it will not affect the information found in it at any time. It is important at all times to have a backup copy of it to avoid any type of inconvenience. 

After performing this operation we can enter our to check if it has availability in the records, otherwise it will be necessary to restore the data from the database from which the backup was created.

How to Optimize the database from WordPress With LiteSpeed ​​Cache?

LiteSpeed ​​is a plugin for optimizing CSS, HTML and JavaScript resources since it allows you to reduce the load of these elements for a faster load. This plugin offers many features to turn your website into one of the fastest, among its options it offers us the optimization of the database. To optimize the database with the help of this plugin, follow these steps:

When carrying out this procedure, it will make a request to the database, after a few seconds it will considerably reduce the number of elements marked in red. That indicates that the database was optimized.

Why is it important to optimize the database? : So that our database is NOT overloaded with unnecessary registration data that only causes delay when consulting the information.

How often do you have to perform an optimization of the database?: The recommendation is 2 to 3 weeks (but it all depends on how many records are handled and stored).

Why is the database backup important?: Because if any operation were to fail for any reason, we can restore it at any time.

If you want more WordPress support check out this section of our website.

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