Human thinking with artificial intelligence

Human intelligence is biologically capable of incorporating multitasking, incorporating emotional elements, interacting with other human beings. This process is very complex because it depends on many factors that are still unsolved. Human intelligence is measured by IQ tests which is only used to determine an intelligence level of people.

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  1. The human thinks at the level of consciousness
  2. Machine learning potential

The human thinks at the level of consciousness

But compared to people, computers can process more information at a faster rate, for example, if a human can solve a math problem in 5 minutes, AI can solve it in less than a second. This phenomenon happens mainly because the human being must first understand, recognize the type of operation that he must perform, analyze each value number, start the operation, perform addition and subtraction operations, write, etc. It takes time, however, the machine is already programmed to follow precise instructions automatically. That is why by means of these instructions the result is achieved faster.

Artificial intelligence is very objective in decision making, since, by analyzing it with a database with possibly correct answers, it executes the correct actions, this and combined with machine learning, which learns from mistakes and then improves the precision for each time to perfect the work technique.  (Telcel companies, sf)

human and machine in Binary -pixabay
human and machine in Binary -pixabay

Machine learning potential

Machine learning offers tremendous potential to help organizations derive business value from the vast amounts of data available today. However, inefficient workflows can prevent companies from realizing the full potential of machine learning.

To be successful at the enterprise level, machine learning must be part of a comprehensive platform that helps organizations simplify operations and deploy models at scale. The right solution will enable organizations to centralize all  data science work  on one collaborative platform and accelerate the use and management of open source tools, frameworks and infrastructure. (Oracle, nd)

circuit board -pixabay
circuit board -pixabay

Changes of environment in the life of human beings

As technology advances, we will see many changes in the coming years, the new generations will know and adapt to comfort to perform tasks for them and the lifestyle of thinking and living will change ( Unav, 2021)

The use and development of artificial intelligence throughout the world and in most fields where it improves work techniques, in an automated, autonomous way and helps reduce the workload for the user, making it more efficient apart from facilitating work we must take into account that depending on the environment in which it takes place we can benefit, however these can also cause us to lose our jobs, since they may be able to perform human work faster and can replace or almost substitute for complete and displace the human being. Although it is clear that this will never replace the human being completely, since the machines require human beings to be able to function and be supervised in case of a malfunction of these.

Human evolution - pixabay
Human evolution - pixabay

It is important to know how to make the correct use of artificial intelligence, since in the wrong hands it could cause some collateral damage due to misuse in scalar magnitudes. That is why take into account that it must be reliable and make sure that it always meets its main objectives.

In a few more years of development of this technology, it will be better, future generations will grow accustomed to the use of all these advances. Today artificial intelligence is still developing, but in a few years it will be much more advanced and improved. humanity will have more comforts, less workload.

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