Fields where AI can be found

Nowadays artificial intelligence has been in multiple fields including medical diagnostics, stock trading, robotics, scientific discovery etc. These are just a few examples where it is used for a final product. However, there are also work techniques that can be used in other fields to carry out work.

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  1. Examples of work where we find AI
  2. Machine learning use cases

Examples of work where we find AI

  • Photography: AI can be managed here, since manufacturers have integrated it where, through software, it can help us get better photographs, according to the environment, light, weather, and objects. Also when even the hand shakes the AI ​​helps to stabilize the image, and focus.

    photographer - pixabay
    photographer - pixabay
  • Autonomous cars: Here you can find artificial intelligence, since it is through sensors, computers, cameras, maps, and recognition software, etc. All this is connected and constantly monitored by hardware and software specialized in the field, such as deep learning , which shares a type of mind that helps the driver make decisions and take actions on their own where the driver may have committed a mistake. This also becomes capable of making an expert driver.
  • Agriculture: Here it consists of aerial drones, electrical, visual, olfactory, and biological sensors. With all this information it is possible to create analyzes of the area, depending on what is needed to know. When all the information is combined from the information systems of geographic areas and genetics. This combination with artificial intelligence helps in the field to have good results, making treatments more effective for crop production.
Tractor- pixabay
Tractor- pixabay

It is possible to store, encode and transfer genetic information through the internet network with a laboratory for more advanced analysis and more constant verification.

  • Finding malware, optimizing a computer: We use this in the background thanks to Machine Learning, electronic correspondence platforms filter emails to find out which ones arrive with some type of malware or malicious software. This system learns to identify and makes decisions based on its learning and allows us to navigate more comfortably and safely through our mail.
  • Language translation: Text or oral translators use artificial intelligence to identify the input data, process it, give it semantics, comparing the same meaning of the word. This makes us the translation of the meaning in another language that we want to translate.
  • Easy recognition: One of the most controversial and advanced uses of artificial intelligence is the use of easy recognition on smartphones to unlock our mobiles or recognize a person and give their name. Since, thanks to the images, it is processed and creates patterns of matrices, longitudinal, etc. To become a data package that when doing a search and showing similar information, it can give a desired result. (groupatrium, 2021)
artificial intelligence -pixabay
artificial intelligence -pixabay

Machine learning use cases

Machine learning powers a variety of key business use cases. However, how does it offer a competitive advantage? One of the most compelling qualities of machine learning is its ability to automate and accelerate time to decision and time to value. That starts with gaining greater business visibility and improving collaboration.

For example, typical finance departments are overwhelmed by repeating an analysis of variance process, a comparison between what is actual and what was forecast. It is a low-cognitive application that can greatly benefit from machine learning.

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