Algorithmic Techniques Applied to Software Development

Nowadays the algorithms have changed, being more complex and difficult to understand for the programmer, but with great potential focusing on the improvement of systems and platforms that we currently use, such as sending emails, doing searches, seeing locations, making recommendations among thousands of things. that can be done by automating processes more quickly.

When you are a beginner as a developer, it is possible that you start with bad practices in the code and without reaching something in particular , this is usually a bit confusing and exasperating . In Mexico, many of the young people who start in the world of programming need to develop that ability and it is due to many factors that influence the learning of programming , that is why it is necessary to implement a well-structured model where it can be developed. logic and algorithmic interpretation for problem solving. 

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  1. 1-The LAAP Model for agile software development 
  2. 2- Learning methodology 
  3. 3-Model Structure  

1-The LAAP Model for agile software development 

In the LAAP model, the important and fundamental bases for learning as a developer were established, which starts from different techniques or steps that will lead us to achieve our goal as programmers. The model consists of 4 steps that are necessary and required to start in this world, in the first place, we have the logic that is where to start, then the analysis that is an important process and in the end we find the implementation of algorithms with a programming part of which we will see later. 

laptop -pixabay
laptop -pixabay

2- Learning methodology 

The way in which we learn is through things that we perceive, that is, objects of our reality where we discern and make various analogies, which is why it was concluded that we can implement this model in programming so that its understanding be easy and not complicated, then if we associate real-world actions, learning can undoubtedly improve development. 


3-Model Structure  

The structure is very simple to understand since there are simple steps to follow, it is a ladder-type model which will climb as it progresses, with the step of applying this methodology a radical change will be noticed and it will develop a skill of analysis and understanding within the source code, that is why the importance of following this methodology properly to have a good learning from the root. 

html code - pixbay
html code - pixbay

For a good programming methodology, it is always recommended to read the documentation implemented in manuals, websites and later have a logic that allows you to think about developing said implementation.

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