Connect via FTP to your website

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, this is responsible for transferring files through a connection to the server and a port number. FTP is essential to upload many files simultaneously from our computer, be it Windows or MacOs. We can use this connection to log in to our server remotely, although it is necessary to first establish a domain username and password. Actually, it is very easy to connect to the hosting or server.

How to connect to FTP from my Windows or MacOs computer.

To connect to this protocol you must first enter / from the official page we can download FileZilla Client, select the operating system, in our case it will be the installation for Windows.

We run the installer and follow the steps that come within the installer, it is actually very easy to follow the installation. Once the installation is finished, we will open the program and we will find the following:

To configure the connection we must access our hosting, it is worth mentioning that depending on the hosting the configurations may vary. Therefore, review the guides that the hostings provide to users so that you can identify these processes. In our case we will use Follow the steps below to set up the FTP connection from your PC.

  1. Enter your web hosting and identify FTP accounts.
  2. You will need to identify the IP address of the port , FTP username , port number (default is 21 ) and you will need to change a password or create a password .
  3. Later we will copy each one in the FilleZilla desktop program interface , and then we will click on "quick connection ":
  4. If the connection has been successful, a message "directory / listing correctly" will appear, on the left we will see the files of our local disk C , and on the right our public_html directory , so we must be careful when executing actions such as delete directories :
  5. Now you can navigate inside your local directory and you can drag the files and folders you want to upload to your server: you look in the local site box and then the files inside that directory will appear.
  6. Finally, you select the file or folder you want to upload to the server and simply drag it. Now you will have to wait a few seconds for it to upload:

    You can see the upload speed in Megabytes/Second or, as well as the upload percentage. At the end, 100% charge will appear. You will have to enter your hosting to verify.
  7. When finished, close the FileZilla window and the connection will automatically be closed . It is important to know that the access data should not be shared with anyone because you can delete all your files.

When to use FTP? : When we want to upload many files simultaneously since the browser does not support uploading many files at the same time.


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