✓ Publish0x How to Earn Free Cryptocurrencies By Reading

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✓ Publish0x How to Earn Free Cryptocurrencies By Reading

One of the directionals of the Internet is the free expression that has been given to the public part is why it is called the fifth power and could not go unnoticed a page that I come to recommend that in addition to writing, you can also read and for either of the two activities you will be paid for.

Currently the locking at home and lack of physical activity has helped us to look for another means of entertainment there are multiple pages to generate money while you are at home but none like this one that adheres to this guideline that I have explained to you since by being the author of articles you can win crypto and also because you are a reader you can do it

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  1. ≫ ¿What is Publish0x?
    1. ◁ 3 ways to generate profits
    2. ✔ ¿How I register?
  2. → ¿How Publish0x works?
    1. 🥇 ¿What are tips?
    2. 🙂 Becoming An Author
    3. 🤑 How to Withdraw Money at Publish0x
    4. 🥇 Publish0x Features

¿What is Publish0x?

It is an agnostic crypto blogging platform that since 2018 was in the testing phase but is already a reality and is an independent cryptographic publishing platform similar to Medium. com and Steemit.com. Where the author and reader win, unlike the latter two publish0x is designed to transform bloggin platforms by simply reading desire and with the tipping mode you can reward the author and motivate him to continue writing and making good articles

The categories covered by Publish0x are many Cryptocurrencies, Cryptographic Project Updates, Cryptocurrencies and Tokens, Dapps and Blockchain Games, Cryptographic Podcasts and Videos, Rewards, Air Launches, Taps and Cryptomarket Gifts, Exchanges, Trade and TA Crypto and Blockchain Mining News, Agricultural Production, Stakes and Burning ICO, STO and IEO DeFi and Decentralization, Technology and Science Programming,Technology , Sports ,Game ,Video Games, Travel, Presentations, Community and My Life Videos and Podcasts but focuses mainly on the crypto world and news of new releases.

◁ 3 ways to generate profits

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Sharing

It has a referral system and multiple draws to earn more AMPL.

¿How I register?

¿How I register?
¿How I register?

The registration method is very simple you can complete your registration by Facebook or Twitter or just place your email generate a password and wait for a confirmation email to be sent to you.

Once confirmed email you will be able to access a dashboard where you will find multiple articles in which you can choose which item you like the most.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

publish0x banner
publish0x banner

¿How Publish0x works?

To earn coins from the first moment you must choose an article and start reading.

Reading my first article

Once you identify the article you want to read you will find some specifications that will tell you how long it took you to read it and the number of comments they have it is worth mentioning that forward is the amount that will be distributed between you and the author.

Once your reading is finished you access the bottom of the article and you will find a tab that tells you how much tip you can give the author from 20% to 100% it is worth mentioning that you will receive Crypto in different presentations ETH, BAT and AMPL (recently exchanged by Lrc).

Publish0x value
Publish0x value

🥇 ¿What are tips?

The Reward pool supports ERC-20 Tokens and is a fund from which page users are distributed and this fund in turn is populated by trades between the platform and Token developers to promote their currency.

When reading an article and tipping you must wait 24 hours to be able to tip and receive profits and if you want to read another article of the same author and tip you must wait 3 hours but if you read another article from a different author you will have to wait 7 minutes to be able to tip and receive profit The operation of the tipping system is simple , each day you can tip 10 different creators.

Topics to Choose from

The categories cover so many topics that you won't finish reading.

The information for each currency is distributed in :

Popular menu




Project Updates




Here you can find all kinds of articles in reference to the digital world and its predictions in addition to diversifying your topics and areas to discover:

Crypto menu














In this tab section you will find all the information regarding the currencies their market value and items in reference to the currency in question.

You have the option to be able to share the articles where it is provided to you and thus attract readers or potential authors to the page in addition to being granted 5% of each reference. Another way to generate Crypto is by becoming an author

🙂 Becoming An Author

 Becoming An Author
Becoming An Author

Another way to get cryptocurrencies within the platform is by becoming an author you go to your profile board and you will find the option to apply for author in this part you will find a series of questions asked to be able to become a writer of the page because its rules does not allow you to copy and paste or translate publications already made in case you try to do it you will have to make a summary and giving credit to the author you should not break these rules anymore that if it doesn't become an immediate ban on your publication

once your request is made 24 hours later you will receive a notification where you can start writing articles so that you can receive cryptocurrencies to your wallet directly to your publiclyb0x account

I certainly feel author you have more profits since for every like they give you to read your article are micropayments adding the tips that readers give you among the best scribes the more dissemination your publications will have and the greater your profit.

🤑 How to Withdraw Money at Publish0x

🤑 How to Withdraw Money at Publish0x
How to Withdraw Money at Publish0x

The minimum withdrawal is a dollar which facilitates profit and withdrawal but eye there is a very specific warning that says.

"Warning! We make payments through smart contracts. Make sure your wallet can accept tokens sent through smart contracts. Otherwise, funds may be lost.

Do not use a wallet address for any changes. Not all exchanges support all the tokens we send, which can cause you to lose your tokens. Withdraw funds to a exchange address at your own risk.

Instead, we recommend a self-hosted wallet that owns the keys and can contain all ETH ERC-20 tokens."

Wallets such as Metamask, Myetherwallet, Trustwallet, Coinomi or Atomic wallet accept ERC20 tokens.

🥇 Publish0x Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English.

Category: Cryptocurrencies.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

publish0x banner
publish0x banner

Referrals: if you have.

Minimum payment: $1 dollar.

Payment mode: cryptocurrencies.

Countries you accept: Everyone.

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