Picoworkers How to Earn Money Online With MiniWork

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✓ Picoworkers How to Earn Money Online With MiniWork

Octobrain Inc is a web development company and has been registered since 2003 with headquarters in Delaware and within its multiple websites stands out one called Picoworkers and is a two-way platform where you can perform miniwork or you can request that companies do it for you companies can hire freelancers to work in areas of social media promotion, writing , website testing, data entry, download, search, installation and testing of mobile applications up to language learning, sales and marketing, accounting and legal.

Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects freelancers from all over the world with prestigious companies as well as companies that need others to help them carry out their tasks.

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¿How I register?

¿How I register?
¿How I register?

To register with picoworkers you must fill out a simple form where you are asked for your email and password, since you have filled out the form you will receive a confirmation email you must check your email and confirm your entry to picoworkers.

Once you have registered within the platform you will find a list of available jobs you must choose one to start.

Before you start working picoworkers ask you to fill in some information fields to learn more about yourself.

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¿How Picoworkers Works?

For business owners : Picoworkers does not accept jobs that harm third parties and are scam and will not charge beyond what is requested by successfully fulfilling the job proposal:

Jobs you can ask people for:

  • Create a short video
  • Promote your content
  • Edit a photo
  • Crypto Jobs
  • Autonomous

✔ To create your own work

To create your own work
To create your own work

Afterwards, you will have to create all the conditions that the website makes available to you to create as personalized a job as possible:

Task location: You can choose the geographic area where you want your work to be directed

Exclusions: Select those countries where you don't want your work published

Category: Select the category where your task is best located.

Finally, you will have a number of tabs where you can indicate the speed, necessary workers, reward for task, number of receipts, etc. Work adjustments and estimated cost.

If they don't have enough funds, a red message will come out and you'll need to make a deposit to cover the rate.

For workers (freelancer)

picoworkers categories freelancer tasks
picoworkers categories freelancer tasks
  • Take a survey
  • Write an honest review
  • Try an app
  • Writing an article

Workers must maintain a success rate of more than 75% at all times (Tasks completed). Too many unmet tasks will reduce the worker's success rate. The low success rate prevents a worker from doing jobs.

Once the account is set up you will find an explanation of how you should check the completion of your work Proof that the task was completed by means of screenshot and following these simple steps is required:

  • Your registration username (do not send the screenshot).
  • Screenshot of your PROFILE. Verify an image.
  • Screenshot showing you got 0.0015 LTC Coin in Wallet balance.

As a warning, this legend appears "Do not delete the Google "Two Factor Authentication" (2FA) app after setting up 2FA, or you will lose your account. If you need to delete the app or switch device, first turn off 2FA".

In the dashboard you will find the options:

🥇 Find Jobs

picoworkers find jobs
picoworkers find jobs

You'll find the job categories.

Sign up Search, click, (participate) Video marketing Facebook Twitter Instagram Promotion (vote and rating) Yahoo Answers / Answerbag / Quora ... (other) Forums Computer Programs (PC) Comment on other blogs Write an honest review (Service, Product) Write an article Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android) Blog Owners / Websites Guides Surveys / Deals.


You will choose the payment range and thus find the platform the perfect one for you.


You can choose where your mini-work will be from.

The Tasks and My Jobs options show the statistics of your performance within the platform.

The duration of the work depends on the employer as well as the conditions to do so there are multiple tasks in which at the end of the work you will have to wait for the review that goes from 1 to 7 days and in which you will be able to see the process inside your picoworkers board, in case you do not receive review within 7 days automatically the payment is added to your account.

🙂 ¿How to Withdraw?

The minimum to withdraw is $5.75 dollars through its three payment methods that are PayPal, Paid Market, Skrill, Airtm and Cryptocurrencies, it should be mentioned that the deposit will be made up to 10 days after your request.

🤓 Referral System

Each person you recommend the page will generate 5% of everything it generates on the platform and to recommend it you will need to get your personal referral link in this way log in to their account and then click on the PROGRAMS AND OFFERS option to find their affiliate link.

Challenge of the $100 this is true when you get employers for the page that generate ingenious and different jobs.

🥇 Picoworkers Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English.

Category: MiniWorks.

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Referrals: if you have.

Minimum payment: $10

Payment mode: PayPal, Paid market, skrill, Airtm and cryptocurrencies.

Countries that accept Picoworkers: Everyone.

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