Microsoft's new feature that lets you serve Google, Facebook and Instagram ads

Microsoft has just launched Cross-Platform, an all-in-one feature available in Smart Campaigns that allows you to run ads across Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Instagram through the Microsoft interface. 

Tell me more. This feature is not yet available to all advertisers, but you can sign up for a waitlist here. Multi-channel ads have technically been around since 2020, but since they implemented a new redesigned smart campaign experience, I guess multi-channel has gotten better at working with AI.

Cross-platform enables advertisers to expand their reach by providing a single location to manage and report on campaigns across the most popular advertising platforms. Microsoft AI can also optimize your performance budget.

What else can be done cross-platform. Cross-platform functionality is free when setting up Smart Marketing campaigns at Microsoft. With it, you can:

  • Run search ads on Microsoft and Google
  • Run social ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Post, like and reply to comments on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Collect and analyze reports.
  • create a campaign
  • Automate AI content
  • ROI optimization with AI
  • Leverage AI for event management
  • Match ads to relevant keywords or online searches
  • Use the Microsoft Audience Network

Read the announcement  here  and learn more about what multiplatforms can do  here  .

The importance of these features

This sounds like a very powerful and exciting feature, and I look forward to trying it out when it becomes widely available. Being able to manage Google, Facebook, Instagram, and social media activity from one dashboard is convenient and fun.

Questions without answers. How will Microsoft AI be used to manage and optimize auctions on Google Web? Will Facebook audiences be drawn to Microsoft's interface, or will Microsoft offer its own audience targeting options that only show ads to users who match Facebook? I have contacted Microsoft for comment.

If you have access to Cross-Platform, give it a try. Otherwise, sign up for the  waitlist  with your Microsoft ads account ID. Admittedly, I hadn't logged into Microsoft's ad platform in quite some time. But 20 minutes and several security codes later I signed up and didn't get much more than a "thank you" in return.

This new functionality from Microsoft allows you to import campaigns from Facebook, Google and Instagram to be able to see your ads in your Bing search engine, something similar to how Google ads does it. So now you will have competition with Google ADS advertising campaigns.

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