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It is normal for cell phone batteries to degrade over time, since the lifespan of a lithium battery is between 400 and 700 full charge cycles . In addition, these are affected by factors such as climate, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, radiation, etc. So your mobile may suffer loss of performance since the voltage may be higher or lower and cause the microcomponents not to receive enough electricity to work properly. But we can make batteries work better and regulate their behavior if we follow these tips mainly for Samsung phones. In these articles we are going to see how to: calibrate the battery, care tips and recommendations to extend its useful life.This will help to exceed 700 charge cycles and get the most out of it.

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  1. What is battery calibration?
  2. Do updates affect battery performance?
  3. How to calibrate the battery of my Samsung?
  4. Recommendations to make your battery last longer:
    1. Video tutorial on caring for your battery:

What is battery calibration?

As its name indicates, battery calibration on mobiles is practically debugging the registry of the applications that consume the most energy and resetting. Since according to those behavior patterns that the Android operating system does with the Battery Status system, it manages its energy and capacity and determines the performance based on applications.

Battery Status manages charging and discharging statistics from 0% to 100% every time we use the mobile, so it shows the percentage of the battery and the estimated time of duration. Therefore, the calibration helps to manage these registered pattern behaviors more and recalibrate the energy use that it sends to the components so that they do not have excessive energy consumption, since this results in the electrical energy being converted into energy . calorific .

Why is it important to calibrate the battery?: So that the status is restored and has new behavior data and energy management of components such as: camera, flash, processor, speakers and screen. When resetting the status, the energy management will be different and you will not have accumulated information on how it should behave.

Why do batteries go out of calibration?  Mainly because as they are recharged we are losing charge cycles, that is, each cycle we are going to degrade the duration of the battery or it wears out, which causes it to retain less charge and the battery status application will try to compensate the level of voltage consuming much more energy in less time.

Do updates affect battery performance?

The updates of the rom and the applications DO affect the consumption of the battery , since the applications have more and more resources and functions, which causes them to process more and more data and work in the background, each day these applications demand more resources and mobiles are not designed for that.

If you've ever cooked a Rom on Android, you know what we're talking about, and we use a program called Battery Calibration, which is rooted and fixes the problem. This is necessary, almost mandatory, for those who change ROMs. Each ROM has a different consumption mode, it is recommended to calibrate the battery to fit this mode. By calibrating, we will get a stable consumption, that is, without unreasonable spikes and possibly a better battery life. But how to fix battery files without being rooted and without losing warranty.

How to calibrate the battery of my Samsung?

This procedure can be done from Samsung Galaxy s4 phone to Galaxy s22 ultra. To calibrate the battery of your Samsung phone, follow the steps below:

  1. We charge our Samsung mobile 100% with the original charger.
  2. We disconnect and go to the call application and dial * # 0228 #
  3. It will take us to the Battery Status application with data from our battery, we control that the % (Level) of charge coincides with that of our equipment.
  4. We press the Quick Start button, a warning will appear that we accept .
  5. A calibration procedure will start , the screen turns off for a few seconds and we turn it on again
  6. Once turned on we will see if calibration is missing and our load has gone from 100% to 97% (it can be more or less, in my case it was 83%)
  7. We put the equipment to load again until it reaches 100%. and we repeat at least 3 times until it is calibrated.
  8. When we are at 100% of its capacity (we hope it will notify us that it has reached 100%) we disconnect and repeat the code *#0228#
  9. If the result is 100% we have finished calibrating, if for example it gives us 97% we repeat the procedure.

Recommendations to make your battery last longer:

In order to maintain optimal operation of your battery since you buy it, we must follow this series of tips that will help you maintain good habits and thus make your mobile work much longer before you decide to change your mobile. Next, follow our Recommendations to make your mobile battery last longer:

  1. Keep the charge between 15% and 85% . Never allow your mobile to be out of that range.
  2. Close all applications. Especially the ones that consume the most energy such as; Facebook, YouTube etc
  3. Avoid high and very low temperatures . This can cause a sudden change in temperature in the lithium of your battery severely affected
  4. Never allow the storage to be full . Although it may seem incredible, when your mobile has no space, the battery runs out faster.
  5. Use auto brightness . This will help that in dark areas you do not have the maximum brightness and cause you to spend more energy.
  6. Disable GPS, bluetooth, auto sync and Wi-Fi when not in use. Sensors that are turned on also consume power.
  7. If you use Samsung use adaptive power mode from settings. It will help you save energy when necessary.
  8. Use adequate ventilation. Because if we have covers or accessories, it will cause the mobile to raise the temperature faster.
  9. Optimize your mobile . Clear cache, RAM etc. Use the Samsung app to keep your device running at its best.
  10. Use the original charger . On many occasions, if we use the generic charger, they do not have the correct voltage and amperage and it affects the useful life of the battery.

If you have followed all these steps and your battery is not working as it should, we recommend using the phone info app . That will help you know the battery voltage, as well as the charging cycles. If your battery exceeds 700 charge cycles, we recommend that you take it to an authorized center to have your mobile battery replaced. In the personnel section, changer connect counter or load cycles will appear.

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Video tutorial on caring for your battery:

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