How to Win Bitcoin Free With Faucetpay tutorial in Spanish


✓ How to Win Bitcoin Free With Faucetpay tutorial in Spanish

in order to collect the benefits granted by faucetpay you must configure the addresses of your wallets. The mechanics are the same for all of them with the difference that each must have its own direction.

Click Dashboard, then User Dashboard, then Linked Addresses»

Then go to your Bitcoin wallet, copy the address.

Go to Faucetpay and paste it into the box that says Address, put a name on » Name» and select «Bitcoin» or the desired cryptocurrency.

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  1. ✓ How to send or withdraw a payment from Faucetpay
    1. ≫ Commissions and Fees
    2. ◁ FaucetPay
    3. ✔ ¿What is FaucetPay?
    4. → ¿what is Fedora ?
    5. ⇨ ¿How do I register?
    6. 🥇 Reward Points
    7. 🙂 ¿How to generate profits with faucetpay?
    8. ✅ EARN
    9. 🤓 Visit Sites
    10. 🤑 Multiply BTC
    11. 🔥 Dice
    12. 💥 Crashes 
    13. 🚀 Limbo
    14. ⚡ Faucetpay Lucky Wheel
    15. ✌️ Plinko
    16. 🤖 Referral

How to send or withdraw a payment from Faucetpay

To request to send or withdraw a payment in FaucetPay can be done in two ways with high rates but faster or low rate but slower

To withdraw your winnings you must go to Withdraw where you will find the times it takes Normal Withdrawal (4 Hours) or Priority Withdrawal (5 Minutes) select in "Coin" the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.

Since you added your address it will be automatically listed in "Withdrawal Address" you enter the amount of crypto to withdraw and then check the commissions that will be applied to you and the amount you will receive, click on Place Withdrawal and you are done.

FaucetPay will send you a verification email which you must accept for the withdrawal process to complete successfully.

Commissions and Fees

In this table you can verify that Faucetpay commissions are very competitive with other wallets on the market.

Faucetpay also has the section of the advertiser or faucet owner in which you can make a profit by joining the faucetpay faucets list on the board you will find the requirements you need to be part of the list.

◁ FaucetPay

The internet offers multiple electronic wallets to manage your cryptocurrencies but there is one in particular that distinguishes between them because it receives direct payments and you can exchange coins and best of all you can also generate profits on this platform called FaucetPay.

✔ ¿What is FaucetPay?

FaucetPay is a micro wallet provider where it receives micro payments from faucets and other sites without additional fees the platform has been working since 2019 and due to the closure of FaucetHub its popularity grew and improved today creating its own token called Feyorra (FEY).

→ ¿what is Fedora ?

FEY Token thus called Distributes 5% supply through Feyorra faucet cryptographic tokens that are generated and distributed are based on the ERC-20 token standard established by the Ethereum Foundation and are called "FEY".



33,761,660 (67,52%) FILES CLAIMED and counting.

⇨ ¿How do I register?

como registrarnos en faucetpay

It is very easy on the platform you search for the registration button when you click it will appear a small form that asks you for your email and your password to choose, then you go to your inbox to confirm your registration.

You enter the link and it will send you back to the FaucetPay where it will ask you for a code that they send you, you enter the code and you are ready you are already registered.

A welcome phrase appears once registered.

" As a thank you for your activity on FaucetPay, we added 1 reward point to your account. You will continue to receive +1 as a bonus for your login streak each day until you reach a maximum of 100 reward points. If you break your streak, you'll go back to the starting point."

Each time you log in Faucetpay will send you a 2FA code to your email for added security, enter it when you sign in to the platform.

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Como Ganar Bitcoin Gratis Con Faucetpay tutorial en español

🥇 Reward Points

FaucetPay now has a reward system so you can increase your earnings by accumulating reward points and then redeem them for cryptocurrencies or power-ups.

Below are the rewards in RP for achieving goals within the platform.

Every 600 Satoshis played in Bitcoin (or its equivalent in another currency) you get 10 RP.

Every $200 earned on Offerwall, you get 10 PRs.

Every $0.25 earned (from recommended users) on FaucetPay (only) you get 10 RP

Every $1 you exchange on FaucetPay you get 10 RP.

Receive 1 to 100 RP a day for logging into your account.

It has faucet power-ups since for a certain amount of RP a percentage of your bonus will be increased for a certain time all this can be consulted in an automatic RP calculator.

Or you can simply change 1 RP to 1 satoshi there is no limit.

For Faucet's owners.

Creating a sponsored listing and site gives you a variable amount of RP, usually depending on the size of your ad campaign.

🙂 ¿How to generate profits with faucetpay?

On the dashboard you will find the list of coins handled by faucetpay Bitcoin Ethereum Dogecoin Litecoin Bitcoin Cash Script DigiByte Tron Tether TRC20 and Feyorran the new faucetpay token as well as statistics of your activity on the platform.


earn faucetpay
earn faucetpay

Here we find the options that faucetpay gives you to win.

Faucet List: With more than 700 faucet in the list we can find an organized folder by coins, to choose the one we need in addition to containing the Reviews that the faucet has and proof of payment.

faucets faucetpay
faucets faucetpay

Offerwalls: You'll find popular external task and offer panels such as, OfferToro, Pollfish, wannads and TheoremReach. Where you will solve surveys, download apps you will fill out records etc. that will provide you with USDP points.

1 USDP x 0.0025 USD or 400 USDP .

When you complete the offer and it is confirmed by FaucetPay, the USDPs earned in Bitcoin will automatically be converted.

🤓 Visit Sites

faucetpay tareas pagadas

In this section it is to visit sites and has a varied menu, there is only a small requirement Faucetpay requires that you have made received 5 transfers from any faucet recommended by the platform.

🤑 Multiply BTC

FaucetPay has at your disposal its own system to multiply your profits.

multiply faucetpay
multiply faucetpay

🔥 Dice

You only have to play if you want from the minimum amount of btc and select how much you want to multiply it has a maximum of x 9500.

💥 Crashes 

It is a graph that always advances and grows, which can stop at any time and if you do not mark your point before it stops, you will lose the played.

🚀 Limbo

This game consists of setting an amount, and letting a multiplier increase or decrease your winnings. If multiplying is green it will multiply your winnings and if it is red it will divide them so you will lose the winnings.

⚡ Faucetpay Lucky Wheel

lucky wheel, which you must select a color or if you prefer it to a number to make a profit.

✌️ Plinko

A very easy way to increase your winnings and consists of throwing a random ball from the top and depends on the number you fall will be the gain from x1 you will win or loss which is from x0.9.

Coin Swap.

With Faucetpay Exchange we have the possibility to exchange different cryptos that we have stored in the wallet.

Let's click on the top on "Coin Swap" and select the cryptocurrency to change and the amount, then you go to "Make Exchange" click and automatically your funds will be transferred quickly to the selected cryptocurrency and as is due Faucetpay charges you a small commission.

* If you are looking for a platform where you are not charged fees for exchanging cryptocurrencies, the best option of the moment is Coinpot.

🤖 Referral

Before proceeding, you should know that you will only have a single level of referrals but you can still invite unlimitedly.

The percentage of commissions that FaucetPay pays for its referral system is as follows:

50% each time your referral plays in MULTIPLY BTC (DICE).

30% each time your referral plays in MULTIPLY BTC (CRASHES).

30% each time your referral plays in MULTIPLY BTC (LIMBO).

27% each time your referral plays on MULTIPLY BTC (wheel).

50% revenue share each time your referral exchanges your coins in our EXCHANGE.

25% of the offer reward each time your referral completes the offer on our OFFERWALL.

50% reward for visiting sites each time your complete reference visits a site.

🙂 How to Earn Bitcoin Free With Faucetpay Tutorial in Spanish - Features Of the Page

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Language: English, you can translate it into google chroom.

Accepted countries: everyone.

Platform type: payment processors and cryptowallets, Cryptocurrencies.

Page year: 2019.

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Como Ganar Bitcoin Gratis Con Faucetpay tutorial en español

Minimum payment: Depends on each currency.

Referral level: 1.

Where you pay: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash. Etc.

Other features: Instant payments, list of recommended taps.

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