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It is very common that we delete contacts by accident, or simply that our mobile is lost and we have important information, so we do not know if we can recover our information. Fortunately , Google Contacts is an alternative to restore our contacts . In most cases this procedure works, we must take into account that we must access our Gmail account that we had linked to our Android mobile . If so, we can restore the contacts quickly and safely.  

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  1. How to restore my deleted contacts from my Android?
  2. How to restore my contacts if I have SAMSUNG CLOUD?
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How to restore my deleted contacts from my Android?

In order to recover the contacts from your Gmail account , it is important that you have the Google contacts application installed, and that at least one backup of your mobile has been made before the information was lost. That said, we will proceed to perform the following steps to recover your contacts:

  1. First access from the PC or Mobile browser to
  2. Next, in the left bar we look for "trash can" at the bottom.
  3. We select the deleted contact and give it restore.
  4. On our mobile and turn on the synchronization.
  5. Now we open the Google Contacts application .
  6. We check whether the settings were restored.
google contacts
google contacts

Important: we must take into account that the deleted contacts will remain a maximum of 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

How to restore my contacts if I have SAMSUNG CLOUD?

If your phone is a Samsung you can also restore your contacts from the Samsung Cloud, if you have a different model the procedures are similar, although we must bear in mind that there must be a backup on our mobile. Otherwise we cannot restore the contacts, to restore the contacts from your Samsung mobile, do the following:

  1. Go to settings> search for Samsung Cloud> Backup and restore
  2. Now let's restore data
  3. We select the mobile, if you have more than 2 synchronized with the same account, the date of the last synchronization will appear
  4. Now we select what we want to restore, we select only the contacts
  5. We hit restore and wait
  6. Now we check that the contacts are restored .


Samsung cloud
Samsung cloud

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Video tutorial:

Thanks to these tools we can restore our deleted contacts without any problem, although it is important to always have a backup copy on our PC or in the cloud, since in this way we have a guarantee that our information will be available when we request it.

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