How to Optimize Your Website To Load Faster

To optimize your website you should know that speed is very important when it comes to SEO positioning , so we recommend that you optimize your website for better performance in your visitors. All people like websites to be fast, efficient, secure and very attractive. But beyond that the content is of quality and available, to ensure that our website is always available, its content must be very fast and be optimized for mobiles and laptops with an average of 2.5s.

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  1. Optimize your website under 2.5s
  2. The importance of image optimization
    1. Tutorial on how to optimize your website with litespeed:

Optimize your website under 2.5s

To achieve this score we must consider certain elements that will help a lot. Let's see the following points to achieve that loading speed on our website:

pagespeed insights speed test
pagespeed insights speed test

These are the most important aspects to make your website load much faster, normally we achieve this with various plugins but in my personal opinion, litespeed is the best option. We have to play around with the values ​​and find the right settings, but you can import my settings so it doesn't take long. You can find the litespeed plugin on its official page or in the WordPress plugins, to use my configuration download by clicking here from Google drive .

You have to go to the plugin>tools>import/export click on import and select the file.

litespeed settings
litespeed settings

If you want you can adjust the plugin settings, it's all trial and error . To measure the speed, go to the pagespeed page , enter the url of your site and start testing. You can also restore the settings in case you don't like the optimization.

To make sure the CDN works, don't forget to update your domain key, as it connects to litespeed 's servers in order to optimize images.

The importance of image optimization

As we know, images can be the most important factor when loading content, since there are several formats that serve each use, however, the appropriate format for images on the web with .webp, although it may be usually a problem for most administrators, because they have thousands of images in their portfolio, so some plugins like litespeed help us to convert the images in that format in a few clicks.

In addition, this image format guarantees that the browser loads our content as quickly as possible, since this image format is built with an algorithm that allows us to preserve image quality and reduce the weight of the image so as not to lose quality. in our content. So we don't have to worry about our content.

I would recommend using size of:

  • 1024p x 576p and 1024p x 1024p for the cover of each entry
  • 250p x 50p for logos
  • 500p x 500p for site icons

This guarantees us to have the correct sizes for a correct rendering, in the same way you can see the recommendations when testing your site, it will also depend on the design of your website.

How to design our website? (Opens in a new browser tab)

Tutorial on how to optimize your website with litespeed:


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