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Hello, in this article I will show you how to make your phone become a webcam for the computer. When making a video call, one of the factors that can play against you is having a bad webcam or directly not having one on your PC . You have to remember that having a camera is very expensive and not many people can afford it.

The good thing if you have an IOS or Android smartphone can be very easy to solve, you will turn your cell phone into a webcam after doing some steps that I will be showing you and the best thing is that you will also use your cell phone for audio.

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  1. 🔥 ¿which is DroidCam?
    1. 💥 Steps to connect DroidCam to PC

🔥 ¿which is DroidCam?

DroidCam  is an application capable of connecting our Smartphone to the computer and allowing us to use it as if it were a webcam, something that is especially useful if our computer, portable or not, does not have a webcam that can be used, this being  especially useful in those jobs where one is required to make video calls  on these dates where teleworking is the norm to follow.

It will allow us to transmit video at 720p  with a function called FPS Boost that will allow us to obtain  up to two times more FPS than normal , leading to much smoother video. IF we want to hold meetings on zoom, google meet, obs, skype and among others, we will be able to do it my people.

App Android

App iPhone

👇 Download here below for pc linux and windows 👇


💥 Steps to connect DroidCam to PC

droidcam download
droidcam download

The first thing is that we must download the free program, above I left you a banner so that it can redirect you to the web page. We can download it for Windows and Linux. Available for Android and IOS.

droidcam download tutorial
droidcam download tutorial

Then click on DroidCam client, that way it will be downloaded to your computer and we can install it. Then we will do the following.

  • Download the application on the computer for the operating system that we use.
  • Download the App on the phone from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Open the application from the phone and the computer.
  • Before carrying out any configuration, make sure that your computer and cell phone are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • then the cell phone will show you your ip address that you must enter on the screen
  • Once you have configured the ip in the program, now you only have to connect to our cell phone.
  • In case of not connecting with a WiFi connection, the connection can be made via USB (the steps on how to do it are explained in the video).

As shown in the image above we must press Start to finish.

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