How to Earn Money Online at PaySwin - Money for PayPal 2021

I bring you a very reliable page to earn money online for PayPal from the minimum withdrawal of $1 dollar, the payments are also to payeer. It is a platform that pays us to complete manual tasks and surveys.

You only need a few minutes a day to earn a dollar PayPal and pay in a very simple and fast way Very Fast Payments.

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  1. ≫ How to Sign Up for PaySwin
    1. ◁ How to Earn Money Online at PaySwin
    2. βœ” Manual Tasks
    3. β†’ Referral Program
    4. πŸ₯‡ Withdraw Earnings from PaySwin

≫ How to Sign Up for PaySwin

≫ How to Sign Up for PaySwin
How to Sign Up for PaySwin

The first thing we need to do is register and put in 3 important data. Your username, email, and password. then you'll need to verify your account using your email to activate your account. The good news is that you'll receive a $o.12 bonus on your balance sheet when you start.

Once inside the platform you will be asked if you want to activate the notifications of the site. I recommend you give him "Allow" to alert you whenever you have a new revenue opportunity.

◁ How to Earn Money Online at PaySwin

First it will recommend that you complete your profile, which consists of about 20 short questions more or less. It's important that you do it as soon as you start, so you'll be invited to complete maximum offers, surveys, and other revenue opportunities.

Every 100 points is worth $1 on the platform, that's the minimum we have to have to be able to withdraw our winnings. it's easy to reach even on the same day.

payswin earn points
payswin earn points

In the first option we have to go in the "Earn Points" section. We will find many offers to be able to make such as Wannads, AdscendMedia, and among other well-known offers on other pages. After trying a little, I could tell that in Wannads there are many income opportunities and they are well paid.

In most offers are to do paid surveys, all the good options because they focus on surveying people in Latin America. In the AscendMedia section, you can find offers like watching videos, solving quizzes and among many variety.

βœ” Manual Tasks

βœ” Manual Tasks
Manual Tasks

These are tasks that we will do only once and are well paid, if you complete them the same day you could charge the day itself. There are 3 manual tasks that are:

  1. Share proof of payment: You must have been able to claim on the platform and share your proof of payment for you to earn 25 points.
  2. Share PaySwin on forum: This is the second task to earn 20 points, just do an article on your website or do it in other forums. just by sharing it will give you those points.
  3. Share Payswin In Twiter: Just post it on your twiter social network and you'll earn 5 points.

These tasks are manually reviewed and take 24 hours to validate.

β†’ Referral Program

Invite others to use PaySwin and earn $0.25 (25 points) for each referral that earns at least 10 points by completing tasks. The only thing they make it easy for you to promote their platform is a banner and a couple of links.

πŸ₯‡ Withdraw Earnings from PaySwin

Once you have accumulated $1 (100 points) you will have the possibility to request a withdrawal through Payeer or PayPal. If you choose to charge for Payeer the withdrawal will be processed instantly, while for PayPal it can take up to 7 days πŸ™‚.

In fact we have written about two of these platforms that meet these requirements and are SurveyTime and instaGC.

πŸ€‘ PaySwin Page Features

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Language: Spanish.

Accepted countries: everyone.

Platform Type: Money with Tasks.

πŸ‘‡ The Page Registration here in the banner πŸ‘‡

banner payswin
banner payswin

Page year: 2020.

Minimum payment: $1 to PayPal or payeer.

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