◁ How to Earn Bitcoin Without Investing With AdBTC


◁ How to Earn Bitcoin Without Investing With AdBTC

Today the volume of bitcoin transactions is so high that it has made it easier for everyone around the world to take part in it. For that there are the faucets that allow us to take small portions of those gains.

How can we do this because because advertising is developing in an impressive way on the internet we can benefit from it through faucets and there is one that is very good and simple and I come to tell you about one called adBTC.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

adbtc banner
adbtc banner
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  1. ✓ What is adBTC?
    1. ≫ How do I register?
    2. ◁ How to win with adBTC?
  2. ✔ 1- Navigate with the active window
    1. → 2- Surf
    2. ⇨ 3- Surfing
    3. 🥇 4- Faucet
    4. 🙂 Referral System
    5. ✅ How do I withdraw my adbtc winnings?
    6. 💥 Page Features

✓ What is adBTC?

With 87106 active users AND registered in September 2016 it is a faucet that has been paying 27,000 00 btc among all its users with a truly simple interface and gives satoshis to users anywhere in the world just by viewing a site task and claiming them for free.

≫ How do I register?

register adbtc
register adbtc

In less than a minute this step is performed.

The steps are simple first you will get a small form where you will request two main requirements an email and a bitcoin address a password not less than 8 digits.

Once registered they will send you a confirmation email in which will come a code for you to go to the adBTC platform and you can access your account and you are ready to start winning.

◁ How to win with adBTC?

ways to earn bitcoin on adbtc
ways to earn bitcoin on adbtc

As I mentioned earlier the new way to make money online is that you can earn satoshis Free with a very simple activity, which consists of visiting a task of sites.

There are 4 ways to win with adbtc:

✔ 1- Navigate with the active window

in this option all we have to do is click on the site that is available in this section you must have the window active to be given your reward.

→ 2- Surf

surfing adbtc
surfing adbtc

Here what you need to do is solve an image and correct it and then a number of sites appear which after browsing them you will see the gain added to your balance sheet.

⇨ 3- Surfing

In this option you only have to solve an image and correct it and you get a number of sites and the best of this is that you can perform other activities while the countdown to win Satoshi.

🥇 4- Faucet

faucet adbtc
faucet adbtc

After clicking the Claim button, this is one of the easiest as you can claim Satoshi Fractions just by entering and completing a link task. Click "Skip" to return to adBTC and collect the bonus. Every certain schedule you can go back and claim again.

🙂 Referral System

The adBTC referral program shares a link for you to distribute to your acquaintances or people who are interested in learning about the adBTC benefits with which you can earn 7.5% of the profits your referrals earn.

And you'll also earn 2.5% of the advertising purchases your referrals are likely to make.

The referral program has a referral buy-sell market available and you find it as "Referral Market" from there you can see the activity of each referral its performance and its cost so that when buying you do it with knowledge of cause.

✅ How do I withdraw my adbtc winnings?

withdraw bitcoin in adbtc
withdraw bitcoin in adbtc

The minimum satoshis you must accumulate in order to request a payment will depend on the method you choose if you want to withdraw directly to your BTC wallet the minimum will be 45000 (0.00045000 BTC) although that amount may vary depending on the cost of BTC network commissions.

It also sends payments to FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, from 5000 satoshis.

Payments you request will be received within approximately 48 – 72 hours.

Since October 2020, commissions on the bitcoin network have multiplied by approximately 5 and it has become very unprofitable to withdraw small amounts. Sometimes the payment fee may be greater than the amount sent.

While the Bitcoin network maintains high shipping rates, we are increasing the minimum amount to withdraw bitcoin wallets.

Use alternative withdrawal methods: FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto if you want to receive funds faster.

💥 Page Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: Spanish.

Accepted countries: everyone.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

adbtc banner
adbtc banner

Platform Type: Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal method: Bitcoin.

Wallet you accept: any bitcoin wallet and Faucetpay.

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