🚀 Betfury Strategy Is To Win


🚀 Betfury Strategy Is To Win

We are in the age of games and speculation that increasingly adapts to all kinds of social extract and that is set out to rebuild the game framework and rethink its use so that they give more benefit than leisure and that facilitates access to players from all over the world.

Within the web catalog we have a platform that meets all the aforementioned features Betfury armed blockchain gaming platform regarding easy access, use and decentralization.

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banner betfury
banner betfury
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  1. ✅ ¿What is Betfury?
    1. 🙂 how do I register?
    2. 🥇 to make money with betfury?
    3. → What are BFG tokens?
    4. ✔ Invest in BetFury
    5. ◁ Refund
    6. ≫ Strategy

✅ ¿What is Betfury?

betfury games
betfury games

BetFury is a gaming platform that revolutionizes the i-Gaming industry, allowing people to use DeFi features such as speculation games and dividend group at the same time.

It is the first gaming platform in the world to offer a common dividend fund in the industry and is presented to users with the best entertainment in games and also the best investment services that can significantly increase player profits.

Based on Tron's blockchain with a combination of classic games are developed with an absolutely safe and fair process that includes within its internal catalog in addition to offering

Refund up to 25% for users and will be adjusted according to their range

Jackpots: More active users will have the opportunity to win jackpots in games and slots.

Tournaments: Offers campaigns and contests that allow users to compete and win eye-catching prizes.

Multicurrency: currently accepts popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT, SUN and BFG tokens: BFG (BTC) and BFG (TRX).

🙂 how do I register?

register betfury
register betfury

The dynamics are simple you can register with your email or with your Gmail or TronWallet account you will immediately receive a verification email in case there is no Search inbox in the spam you will receive a code with which you will be able to access your Betfury account.

🥇 to make money with betfury?

faucet betfury
faucet betfury

Once inside the platform the first thing we are going to do is check at the top of the dashboard and you will find a section that says BOX free BTC you will click there and you will see a screen where you will see options called boxes and one of them is to charge 10 satoshis every 20 minutes , up to date we're talking about 720 satoshis

This balance that is reflected in your main panel can be used to accumulate and make a minimum withdrawal that is 5000 satoshis but to make the most of your stay on the platform gives you the option to multiply your balance with its internal games section.

Within the Betfury box option it gives you the option to buy another type of box.

betfury AQUA BOX
betfury AQUA BOX

Aqua box with 7500 satoshis you can buy this box for 7 or 30 days and will generate 7% monthly for 7 days and 10% per month for 30 days of contract.

betfury Purple Box
betfury Purple Box

Purple box with 400000 satoshis you can buy the box that for 7 or 30 days and will generate 7% per month for 7 days and 10% per month for 30 days clear that your passive gain increases depending on the range you have and so on with the other boxes consecutively.

Your rank will depend on how much activity you have within the multiple internal games that the platform has to name a few Dice, Auction, Crash, Circle, Plinko, Board Games and many more.

What's interesting about games is that as you play you'll get a special currency called BFG that's unique to the platform and that will bring you many benefits

→ What are BFG tokens?

The BetFury platform issued a token called BFG the maximum supply of this token is 5 000 000 000 and of which, BetFury has burned 212 432 342 BFG which becomes the payment that users receive from the platform and that in the long run brings them benefits since we have two types of BFG tokens.

  • Token BFG BTC 
  • Token BFG Tron

Both have different benefits being the BTC the most profitable but already depending on the currency you play with will be your benefit.

✔ Invest in BetFury

The opportunity to invest your money is provided by Bitfury through its BFG token investors do not need to carry out gambling activities, just own a certain amount of BFG tokens, the one that achieves 100k BFG BTC will earn 0.00210734 BTC every day of pure passive bonus (variable according to the total number of tokens stakados on the platform).

◁ Refund

already as an active member of Betfury you will have access to multiple benefits among them is the refund that can be up to 25% all depends on the range where you are located.

≫ Strategy

There are many strategies for such games however there is one that has personally given me good results to mine the bfg token, the idea is to get as many tokens as possible to generate a passive income I recommend you take a look at this video where I show live.


Betfury is a very good option to increase your cryptocurrencies in an easy way it all depends on how willing you are to formulate a strategy that will lead you to victory since in this world of i-Gaming speculation is part of the fun and more if you are going to make a profit from it.

💥 Page Features

Valoración: ★★★★★

Idioma: español.

Países Aceptados: todo el mundo.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

banner betfury
banner betfury

Platform Type: Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal method: Bitcoin, tron, bittorrent, tether, suntoken.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.00005 BTC.

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