Computer Does Not Meet Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows 11

If you have Windows 10 and your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for installation, we have the solution. This is because Windows 11 includes protection for the computer to block the installation because it asks us to have TPM and Secure Boot on our computer. The TPM is Trusted Platform Module. Currently you can't install system updates if this doesn't stay active as it is a requirement that Microsoft implements to make your system secure. In addition, it allows you to maintain the integrity of your files and passwords safely.

How to install Windows 11 if you don't meet the minimum hardware requirements?

It is very common for Windows users to have update problems. To try to install Windows 11 or have the updates installed, we can do it as follows:

The computer must be compatible with TPM 2.0
The computer must be compatible with TPM 2.0
  1. First we need to have the appraiserres.dll file .
  2. Go to Start>Settings>Windows Update>Check for updates .
  3. If the message "your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11" appears, let's open the installer
  4. Then it will appear that we need the TPM and Secure boot to install Windows 11
  5. Now go to start>computer>Local disk c:
  6. Then we go to options> in the general options window> Show hidden files, folders and drives> OK> Application.
  7. We paste appraiserres.dll inside the C:/$Windows.~WS/Sources folder.

  8. Lastly, we try again to check for updates and wait for it to finish.

This procedure will make the system think that we have all the minimum hardware requirements to be able to install. It will probably take between 40 - 60 minutes, the computer will restart several times. At the end of the operating system update we will see that it has been installed successfully.

If your computer has system errors, you can also read: This is how you can repair your Windows 11 operating system from CMD (Opens in a new browser tab)

Video tutorial on how to upgrade to Windows 11:



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