Payeer Wallet Online Tutorial

💥 Payeer Wallet Online Tutorial

Payeer is an electronic wallet of Russian origin that has been operating since 2010 and from 2015 increased its popularity as one of the payment systems that charges the least fees.

More than 9 million accounts registered within the payment platform and more than 3,000,000 visits per month, operates in 200 countries which gives access to everyone through this payment method, which in addition to having an excellent security system does not need to have your account verified to be able to perform:

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-Deposits and Receive money.

-international transfers.

- Exchange of currencies within the platform.

-Payment of purchases in online stores with a Payment card (exclusively for users of the platform in Europe).

-Transactions without commission between users.

-Commissions usually low.

-Methods to add funds to your account such as bank transfers, cards and cryptocurrencies.

-SWIFT payments.

-Gains in the affiliate program.

-Trading Bot

-It also provides a business scheme where you as a business owner can add to your payment system, payeer, to increase your client portfolio.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Payeer is available for desktop and also for Android and iOS systems as well as can be read in 5 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French and Chinese.

Verifying your account voluntarily provides your personal information, but most users prefer to remain anonymous. Accounts are mostly verified by entrepreneurs who add Payeer to their website.

🤓 Types of Cryptocurrencies and Money Payeer Handles

Types of Cryptocurrencies and Money Payeer Handles
Types of Cryptocurrencies and Money Payeer Handles

Within the Russian pages the payment method they have mostly added is payeer so within their type of Cryptocurrencies it receives are:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash ,Tether and Riple

And in ruble, dollar and euro money.

🔥 ¿How I register?

create payeer account
create payeer account

The registration process is simple you will put your email and they will send you a confirmation code since you receive your code you start with your registration process you go to the page you do not enter and the first thing you will think is a form where you request your password a secret key and the name of the account later.

The last step is to put your last name and countries.

You have already completed the registration process they will enter your dashboard and you will find a message where it tells you a number to log in what your password is your email and your secret word in front there is a tab that tells you to download a file so that you can save it on physical because it is not security below and a legend that says if your account is not verified due to the policy to ML its current withdrawal limit is $999 per day.

✅ The payeer account verification process

payeer check
payeer check

In 2020, the regulation of cryptocurrency billing came into force and when withdrawing funds through authorized payment systems users must declare income and pay taxes.

If you are only going to receive payments and give a few dollars verification is not necessary but if you are going to handle considerable amounts of money it is best to have it verified in case of fraud the only way to access your account will be through identification papers.

- In the 'Profile' tab you will need to fill in the data in the same way as they appear in your original ID

Then in 'Your passport or ID' you must upload a scanner of your official ID and a selfie in which you must leave with your official ID or passport in one hand and in the other a paper with your account ID.

In the 'Proof of address' part you must upload any invoice or receipt of electricity, water, telephone or Internet that has your name and address printed on it.

Once the process is complete, you will have to wait for Payeer to confirm the confirmation that usually takes no more than 24 hours to confirm the account.

It should be noted that in case of lack of documents the tax charge was added to the total cost of the transaction.

🙂 ¿How does Payeer work?

How it works is quite simple and intuitive the menu tabs that we can see in the dashboard are:

Balance: here we can see all the currencies that the platform accepts as well as the balance that we have saved in USD, RUBLOS and Euros or cryptocurrencies.

Add: Here are the methods to add funds to the account and the type of currency to deposit.

Transfer: Here we can find the right method to transfer or withdraw money from the platform with their respective commissions and currency type.

Payeer - 0.5 %

Qiwi - 1.9 %

Yandex. - Money 2.9 %

Advcash - 2.9 %

Digital Wallet:

Bitcoin - 0.001

Ethereum - 0.01

Bitcoin Cash - 0.01

Litecoin - 0.05

Dash - 0.01

Ripple - 0.25

Tether - 7.5

It can also be done by Visa and Mastercard and its commission is:

Visa - 4.9% + $5

MasterCard - 4.9% + $5

PrivatBank - 3.9 % + 35 Roubles.

payeer trade
payeer trade

Trade: an optimal option to generate money with a simple method with trading.

Exchange: The instant way to get a currency exchange for cryptocurrencies or vice versa.

History: here you will find the history of your withdrawals, deposits, trading, exchanges and in general your activity within the platform.

Api: This option is for people who own companies who want to add the payeer payment system to their company.

At the top right of the dashboard you'll find.

Notifications: where we will receive news that has to do with the platform as well as transaction notices.

Account No: Here we can see the number we will provide in order to receive payments and confirm transactions and contains the type of account, if verified, your registration number and the option to receive notifications to your text message on your phone.

Sun: You can choose the theme of your dashboard if you want it to be night or day.

Language: If you want it in Russian or English.

Sopport: the link to contact the platform via mail and phone and give you response in 24 hours and almost always take less time.

Settings: This option contains your profile section, the times you've entered the platform, your referral links, and the cards you have added to make payments and deposits.

The only disadvantage considered by Payeer is the fees for replenishing the wallet. The transaction is charged up to 5% of the amount. It should be noted that this disadvantage is offset by the fact that the commission for internal transfers is reduced to 0.5%.

🥇 Reference Program

By attracting people to Payeer, the platform offers up to 25% of

The initial affiliate percentage is shown in the My References section. The initial value is 11%. Also with the reference link that is in three modalities you can share it with your referrals so that they in turn share it and increase your profit.

◁ Rates

Payeer provides users with quite a few options, but the use of the system involves paying commissions so the commission for depositing, transferring funds is up to 5%, its size all this depends on the payment method you choose in the first instance.

when making an instant change of fiduciary currency is 0.95%.

Using internal exchange pays a 0.25% commission for options and 2.95% when using high-risk sites.

The minimum commission is 0.01 USD or EUR.

To withdraw through bank accounts some countries are restricted and the fees for valid accounts are:

Payeer card withdrawal: 2.5% + $0.99. Minimum $1, maximum $2500 (only available for Europe).

Withdrawal on account USD: 2.9% + 0.75%. Minimum $50, maximum $10000.

Withdrawal on account in EUR: 2.9% + 0.75%. Minimum 50o, maximum 10000o.

🥇 Payeer Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English and more languages.

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Referrals: if you have.

Countries you accept: Everyone.

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