News about 14 new games for Xbox game pass 2022

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Hello, I bring you excellent news about the new 14 games that will be released for xbox game pass . Every time the game pass is very essential for the one who is a true gamer. And this September and October 2022, a cocktail of very exciting games Will be released.

The Microsoft company has announced the new games that will be released these months.

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  1. 1.- Disney Dreamlight Valley (September 6)
  2.  2. Opus Magnum (September 6)
  3. 3.- Train Sim World 3 (September 6)
  4. 4. Ashes of the Singularity (September 13)
  5. 5. DC League of Super-Pets (September 13)
  6. 6.- You Suck at Parking ( 14 de septiembre)
  7. 7.- Despot's Game (September 15)
  8. 8.- Metal: Hellsinger (September 15)
  9. 9.- Coral Island (October 11)
  10. 10.- A Plague Tale: Requiem (October 18)
  11. 11.- Person 5: Royal (October 21)
  12. 12.- Scorn (October 21)
  13. 13.- Gunfire Reborn (October 27)
  14. 14. Signalis (October 27)

1.- Disney Dreamlight Valley (September 6)

is a hybrid between a life simulation game and adventure, it is full of quests, discovery and fun activities with friends new and old from Disney and Pixar. The first game I downloaded just came out.

 2. Opus Magnum (September 6)

is a newest puzzle game from Zachtronics, Master the complicated physical machinery of the transmutation engine, the most advanced tool of the alchemical engineer, and use it to create vital remedies, precious stones and many other things. this game for me is fun

3.- Train Sim World 3 (September 6)

is a game about Conquering the mountains of the USA while transporting tons, with the most reliable machines in the industry, taking passengers from the British capital to work in record time and traveling fast, a game also good for me look.

4. Ashes of the Singularity (September 13)

is a real-time strategy game with a space setting, it is a strategy game and is made by the Stardock Entertainment company.

5. DC League of Super-Pets (September 13)

He is a super dog Krypto who joins a group of funny and brainless animals to help him rescue superheroes from the Justice League, a fun game.

6.- You Suck at Parking ( 14 de septiembre)

It is a racing game in which the only objective is to stop. 60 wild multiplayer levels and 100 solo levels. I think it's cool.

7.- Despot's Game (September 15)

a rogue-like strategy game with turbo combat. I am definitely waiting for this one.

8.- Metal: Hellsinger (September 15)

is a Rhythm FPS game packed with demons, brutal weapons, and heavy metal music . It is without a doubt a very good action game, I will play this game as soon as it comes out.

9.- Coral Island (October 11)

is a vibrant and relaxed Re imagination game of farm simulation games . This one is worth it.

10.- A Plague Tale: Requiem (October 18)

is an adventure game where you will have to sail to a mysterious island to save the life of a character who will be in danger, you have to find a cure for his illness.

11.- Person 5: Royal (October 21)

It is about a group of Japanese students who combine their daily life at school with their adventures in a supernatural world.

12.- Scorn (October 21)

is a video game that deals with horror in the first person that takes us to a world of nightmares. this for me will be one of my favorites.

13.- Gunfire Reborn (October 27)

is an explosive mix of skill-based hero shooter and roguelite. Play solo or cooperatively with up to three players in highly amazing gameplay across new environments.

14. Signalis (October 27)

It is a horror survival game set in a future where humanity has discovered something dark. I liked this last one because of the story, without a doubt I will play all of them. Since I am a true gamer.

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