Main definitions within artificial intelligence

Work techniques are improved every day thanks to the implementation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, which in turn learns more by itself every day and improves work techniques by performing tasks in less time and being more and more efficient. . Currently, companies have begun to implement these technologies, since it is much more viable and economical than a person. Therefore, many of these people have been replaced because artificial intelligence is already capable of performing the tasks that a human being can perform.

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  1. Research on AI concepts
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Research on AI concepts

The present investigation is viable, since the resources of the sources of information necessary to carry it out are available.

In the social and labor aspect, in the implementation of automation technologies such as artificial intelligence, the aim is to improve the performance of work techniques in order to make it more accessible, economical and efficient.

The work has a methodological utility, since future research could be carried out related to new technologies to be implemented and help to understand how they can benefit people and companies.

The study aims to contribute to studies on the implementation of these technologies at business, educational, and labor levels. In addition, the importance of managing these tools must be known so that the use given to them is the most appropriate and activities are carried out in the best way.

machine - human being
machine - human

Examples of definitions of artificial intelligence

Next, we will identify some keywords that will help our company or business to understand the definition at a technical level:

Variables Concept Definition Indicators
Artificial intelligence It is the combination of algorithms proposed to create machines that have the same capabilities as a human being to solve assigned tasks and make the best decisions based on their learning. · Tool



work techniques They are the strategies or instruments that are applied to a work environment to improve the skills of each individual. They serve for the organization and prospection of the goals. · Goals

· Self-realization


Machine Learning It is the subsection of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing systems that learn and improve the efficiency of a task based on the data it processes. · Performance

· Efficiency


Digitization Services It is the action of processing digital data and performing a service that is capable of successfully performing a task and facilitating the workload. Digital data processing

When we hear about these terms, we must be prepared to think about how to implement solutions that help us improve automated work techniques. In addition, it is important to take into account the requirements of our business to meet your needs.

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