✔ How to Earn Bitcoin With BTCbux

✔ How to earn Bitcoin with BTCbux

Open Is 2020 BTCbux is a Bitcoin rewards platform and the tools it provides you to win are ad tasks, make offers, play games, watch videos, etc. With very simple interface and without so many ads because it is new we will discover how simple it is to earn bitcoin for free with BTCbux.

👇 Registration on the page here in the banner 👇

banner de btcbux
banner de btcbux
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  1. 🤑 ¿How I register?
    1. 🤓¿How it works?
    2. 🤓 Site task
    3. ✅  Offertwall
    4. ✅  liaison task
    5. 🙂 Grifo
    6. 🥇 Points BTCbux
    7. ⇨ Reference program
    8. → Payment method
    9. ✔ Security

🤑 ¿How I register?

btcbux registro
registro btcbux

Enter your username, email, password, resolve the captcha and accept the terms and conditions and click Register.

Go to your email, visit your inbox or spam or spam folder so you can validate your email, log in immediately and your BTCbux dashboard will appear in your 1000 satoshis account just to sign up.

🤓¿How it works?

Already on the platform you will be able to see the 1000 satoshis of gift and statistics of your account as well as the four main options to earn bitcoins that are advertising tasks, link task, btCbux dot faucet, referral program.

🤓 Site task

btcbux tarea de sitios
tarea del sitio btcbux

BTCbux In this section of the web you can win satoshis Free with a very simple activity that we will now see how to perform. When you enter any of the options we will see the duration and reward that we will earn for completing this section.

Then a new tab will open that you will have to keep open for the time indicated for the coins corresponding to your 😉.

✅  Offertwall

Wannads Kiwiwall, Offertoro and adgem to mention some of the topics offered by Offerwall so you can make a profit here, you won't have bitcoin directly, but you'll get credits that you can redeem for satoshis.

✅  liaison task

btcbux tarea sobre enlace
Tarea de enlace btcbux

In this task it is very simple as we already know that you click to generate link waits a while to generate the link, you write that I am not a continuous robot, you wait for a counter of 10 seconds and in the end you will see a button that claims to get link. and ready satoshis for free.

🙂 Grifo

Perhaps the easiest way to earn bitcoins for free as every hour you will have the opportunity to throw a roll.

grifo btcbux
grifo btcbux

Press every 60 minutes and get up to 500,000 satoshis.

grifo de mesa
grifo de mesa

I'll leave the board here so you can see how much you'll earn.

🥇 Points BTCbux

puntos btcbux
puntos btcbux

A table is handled that shows the calculation of points and is this below.

nivel del grifo
nivel del grifo

You'll receive a level bonus of 0.15% the higher your level, the higher your reward.

⇨ Reference program

In your referral program the more affiliates you have, the more money you will earn as you manage three reference levels being this very attractive by the commission as in the table below.

referencia de mesa
referencia de mesa

→ Payment method

Método de pago
Método de pago

To withdraw from your BTCbux balance:

- History

- Withdrawals and click on the top in Create new withdrawals.

- Then different cryptocurrencies will appear that are available to make your withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal of each coin is.

Bitcoin: 30,000 Satoshis

Dogecoin: 10,000 Satoshis

Rubles: 10,000 Satoshis

Litecoin: 10,000 Satoshis

Dollars: 10, 000 Satoshis.

Enter the address of your wallet, the amount you want to withdraw and click on "Withdraw to Bitcoin to wallet" and in 24 hours you will receive the direct transfer to your wallet.

✔ Security


Your BTCbux account may be protected to keep your BTC secure, you are advised to enable two-factor authentication.

Click your username in the top right, and then click Settings

Click Two Factor Authentication and then scan the QR code with the Google Autenticator app.

Ingrese el código generado por la aplicación y haga clic en "Habilitar 2FA" y listo.

Siempre es recomendable registrarse en este tipo de faucet que te brindan ganancias sin mucho esfuerzo y planificar una estrategia para rentabilizar tu actividad de criptomonedas.

◁ Page features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English, you can translate it to google chroom.

Accepted countries: all.

👇 Registration on the page here in the banner 👇

banner de btcbux
banner de btcbux

Platform type: Cryptocurrencies .

Important note: If you don't know how to do surveys I leave you an article explaining it in detail. " How to do paid surveys HERE "

Withdrawal method: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Payeer. Rubles.

Wallet you accept: bitcoin and among great variety.

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