How to Change The Computer Cursor Without Programs In Windows

This time I come to teach you how to make modifications or customize some Windows features to change your mouse cursor quickly and easily. For all this you will have to download a pack that contains a lot of cursors and that also has animations.

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We download it and unzip it (keeping the folder, yes) in the path C:\Windows\Cursors. When we have done it, we go to the "Control Panel of our PC" route .

control Panel
control Panel

We are going to press the Windows button and write control panel, once we have put it, another tab will open below

control panel mouse
control panel mouse

Now we must press the option where it says mouse.

mouse pointers
mouse pointers

Now, to change the default pointer, we click the dropdown menu, choose  None ,  and click Browse . A file explorer window will appear, with the folder that we have unzipped at the top of the list:

mouse cursors pack folders
mouse cursors pack folders

Now it is about replacing each stock pointer with a personalized one, repeating this formula, until the scheme is as follows, press the mouse that you want and finally click on open.

Now, and in case we want to reapply the theme later without having to modify each parameter, we can  save it by clicking  on Save as . And that's it, it's that easy to customize your mouse pointer.

✓ Final conclusions of the article

I hope you liked this simple tutorial on How to Change the Computer Cursor Without Programs in Windows 2021 🙂.

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