The Importance of Algorithms in Programming

It is very important to know some algorithms that have been used in the history of programming and that have undoubtedly been very useful for platforms that we use today, that is why if we learn some of these techniques it will be very useful when we want to implement it. in some program since the algorithms are also part of the code and directly influence why the clarity, speed and efficiency of the code will depend a lot on these.

The algorithms allow you to follow the logic based on a series of steps to solve a problem, likewise the algorithms help you to memorize fundamental parts of the code so that your program can have logic. 

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  1. Search 
  2. ordering 


A search algorithm is designed to find an element within a collection of data, for example, when we make requests to a database we look for a specific record, we need an algorithm that is responsible for finding this record, here we will give an example Of two of them, the first is by Sequential Search, in this algorithm what it does is compare elements of the data collection until it finds the indicated data, then we have Binary Search where we must grab the first and last value of the array, then it is calculated the midpoint until discarding both the left and right parts of the array and finding the given value. 


This structure is implemented so that in a list of data that is in a given sequence we can give it a numerical, ascending, descending order, among others, it is really very useful for dynamic questions in applications, we are going to see two, the first is a very popular method and it is the Bubble sort that basically exchanges values ​​from left to right comparing them and changing position until ordered, there is also the insertion sort that is basically the same but inverted and finally the selection sort where we look for the smallest element from the list and it goes to the first position of the array, then we look for the next smaller one and we exchange and so on until everything is ordered.


The ordering of the code will allow you to have a structure that is capable of having logic and following based on the planned algorithm, you will also be able to identify some structure or sign errors from the compiler.

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