Restore WordPress Website Backup

To restore the backup generated with the WordPress all on migration plugin , we must have the .wpress file and we must have previously installed WordPress on our website with the same plugin to be able to restore from the generated copy.

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  1. How to restore our backup in WordPress?
  2. Important before restoring a backup
    1. Video tutorial on how to restore a backup in WordPress.

How to restore our backup in WordPress?

Backups are probably one of the most important things we should do on our websites, we recommend doing backups weekly or when important changes occur on your website, so if it gets affected, we immoderately restore to a previous point .

First, we must go to the WordPress panel in the plugin, it is important to know that this plugin in its paid version has no restrictions, so you should consider that you may have restrictions when generating a backup.

website backup import
website backup import

We just drag the file. wpress that was generated in our previous website, and we import it, we must consider the following points:

  • The files will be completely restored, including images, themes, video, plugin etc.
  • Will replace the existing database with the backup one
  • The username and password will be the one that had the website where you made the backup.
  • The posts, url and configuration will be the same, but the domain will not.

Important before restoring a backup

One of the most important things you should know when you restore a backup of your website is that you always have several copies and be sure of the procedure you are going to carry out, as well as the capacity of your hosting. In some cases exceptions can be generated when the website is too heavy and unexpected memory errors can occur. We also recommend that you check the version of PHP that your new hosting has because many times problems occur due to versions.

How to migrate a website to a new hosting? (Opens in a new browser tab)

Finally, it remains to be mentioned that your database will be modified since if you did not make a backup of said information, it will most likely be deleted. 

Video tutorial on how to restore a backup in WordPress.


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