Reasons why your computer slows down

Our computer today is one of the most important work tools for our daily lives, however, sometimes when using it it becomes slow, but we have some of the reasons why it becomes slow. If you are a student, this information will surely help you, here we will also give you some of the solutions.

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  1. anti-virus problems 
  2. software loading
  3. Have Windows 10 installed
  4. Lack of RAM
  5. old hard drive
    1. conclusion

anti-virus problems 

It is recommended to always use a single antivirus, since according to our research, having more than one collapses the file system. Why is this happening? According to our research, we determined that antiviruses are constantly processing in search of malicious files or programs, that is why we always recommend staying with windows defender.

This is the most common problem in computers, maybe right now you are saying (the antivirus protects me from unwanted attacks), so how is it that it puts the performance of my computer on the floor.

Unfortunately, antiviruses have to be searching in real time, with each and every one of the files you download, all the web pages you are browsing, all of this has to be working, so it takes recourse so that it can do its job. In other words, the antivirus is a very big problem, how do we solve it?:

The main thing is that if you don't want to lose any performance, you shouldn't have an antivirus, but this will cause many problems, as long as you don't visit strange web pages, don't enter strange USBs, and see exactly what type of files you are downloading. The antivirus saves us from this, from the mistakes we make when browsing.

virus scanner - pixabay
virus scanner - pixabay

software loading

The software loads when our operating system starts, many people install a lot of software, these are executed when our computer turns on, once we turn on the computer we must wait several minutes and in the worst case hours for them to load.

This is due to the large number of files that they have to handle at startup, and all these files and programs that start up are also going to consume resources. In the task manager we can configure that all these start with our computer.

To solve it you can go to task manager and deactivate all startup programs, so you speed up the startup of windows and unnecessary services will be deactivated

Have Windows 10 installed

Just for the simple fact of having Windows 10 on our PC we can lose performance if we don't look at what work it is doing, in the task manager we can see if our operating system is working all the time on updates, or working file check, defragmentation automatic, etc., there are many things that make our PC with the simple fact of having Windows 10 much slower, as long as we see that the software is from our Windows 10.

Lack of RAM

It may be that the computer falls short of performance due to RAM memory, when we install several software or use software at the same time we can finish our RAM memory, in the same way from the task manager  we can see how much RAM memory we currently use. 

The solution to this would be spending more money, putting more RAM for the Software you use the most, this is noticeable when you have already started using the computer and it starts to slow down, this is already part of the hardware, when you have several windows and it starts to slow down , this is already because your RAM memory is saturated.

You can check the type of ram memory that your PC uses and take it to a technician to install it, thus improving its performance.

ram memory - pixabay
ram memory - pixabay

old hard drive

Many times hard drives after a few years begin to have errors in their reading rates, they begin to have problems with their internal mechanisms and these begin to slow down over the years, and it can be a problem, if you see that you have no antivirus, nothing at startup, Windows 10 is not working with updates and your RAM is perfect. It may be that your hard drive is very slow reading Valley and this can give you performance loss. We recommend you switch to an SSD solid state drive .

M.2 SSD -pixabay
M.2 SSD -pixabay


Many software and games are suitable for certain types of processors and video cards, because there are many people who believe that a low-end processor will give the same performance as a mid- or high-end one.
That is why we have to give a little coherence to what we are doing, both in graphic design or video games , if we see that a video game is super lacquered, obviously we already run out of RAM and it is no longer a matter of our software, in most of the cases is like this

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