How You Can Completely Repair WordPress Website

If you are looking for information on how to repair your WordPress website we will teach you some important techniques. Maybe your website may have problems when you try to update a plugin, theme or WordPress itself or if a virus entered and even if you restore the website it remains the same. But don't worry as we are experts in fixing broken WordPress sites. We recommend you read this article carefully and read everything carefully.

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  1. How to fix my crashed website?
  2. Repair my website if it has any malware.
    1. Video tutorial on how to repair your website:

How to fix my crashed website?

To repair your website, we must first try to enter the administrator panel. From a computer since it will be more comfortable to carry out the steps, if after entering these in the panel there is still salvation, sometimes after entering an error like the following appears:

"There has been a critical error on your website"
"There has been a critical error on your website"

If after entering it does NOT let you access the administrator panel, we know that it is a failure, there can be several, one of them is due to a virus and our website has strange web addresses. So if we have created backups from WordPress we cannot restore them because we cannot see our panel. To solve these problems, we must first follow these steps:

1.- Enter your hosting and restore the backup that our service provider generated for us. Although it depends on your service plan every time the backups are made. So the most ideal thing would be to restore to a few days before where your site did not show any problems. In the case of SiteGround it is from security>backups . We only select the 3 dots and hit restore, then we wait for the restoration to finish.

Sitegroud backups
Sitegroud backups

2.- If the first method did not work or we simply do not have scheduled automatic backups of our service. Now we will try to disable the plugins, to see if the error is in the plugins. It is clear that we cannot access our administrator panel. So it's time to do it manually to be able to do it we must follow the following steps:

  • Access the panel of our hosting
  • Go to files of the installation of our web domain
  • Go to public_html>wp-content>plugins  and change the name of that folder to any other name
  • We check if our website works

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If our website works normally, then it was a problem with one of the plugins that was causing problems with the WordPress installation . Now again we change the name of the folder to "plugins" and now the plugins that you had installed will appear as disabled, so activate one by one so you know which one is causing problems.

rename the plugins folder to something else
rename the plugins folder to something else

If you have identified the plugin that is causing errors, then remove it completely and re-install it . You can do the same with the "themes" folder,  if it causes an error when installing it, it's practically the same procedure.

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Repair my website if it has any malware.

If when you enter your website you are directed to other pages, it is likely that there is PHP code in the most important files of your WordPress installation, so we recommend that you first follow the following steps:

1.- Verify each plugin, there is probably something malicious in their code, so remove all of them if possible and reinstall each one of them again.

2.- Now change the theme, and check again if it is the theme that is causing the conflict, if so, replace it with a new theme, delete the theme you had installed and then reinstall it.

wordress themes
WordPress themes

3.- Re -install WordPress completely, from the left panel of WordPress> Desktop> Updates> Reinstall WordPress.

4.- Finally, access your public_html again and check that the .htaccess as well as the other files are those of WordPress, otherwise, delete files that do not correspond to the WordPress installation, here is an image of a clean site :

wordpress files
wordpress files


Check each of these files, and again check their php code.

5.- Finally, check the . htaccess , since it is one of the most important to access the index.php of our site, you should see something like this, what you can do is that in most cases, a file called .htaccess.bk comes,  delete the . htaccess and remove the .bk extension from the other file. Now verify your website and if so, create a backup of that file, carefully verify the content:

.htaccess from public_html
.htaccess from public_html

If all this worked for you, do not forget to create a backup of your website, so you can create a backup of your website with WordPress . Here you will see how to create backups for your website.

Video tutorial on how to repair your website:

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