How to Optimize Your WordPress Site's Database

In this post we will see how to optimize the WordPress database from our hosting, we must take into account that this process can help the site lighter. We must create a backup before each update and files. It is important to optimize the database, since every day it grows without us realizing it. The lighter the database, the higher the speed we will have on our site.

WordPress works mainly with MySQL database , so sometimes it is necessary to purge unnecessary data, most of the active pages on the internet are made with WordPress, one of the main languages ​​it uses are php and html5.

To start optimizing our database, we must go to our hosting and then to MySQL's phpMyAdmin. Which is the database management system, but we must know the name of our database since we can have several.

We are going to go to our  public_htm l of our hosted site and look for the file  wp-config.php  this file contains the configuration of the connection of our database with WordPress.

configure wp-config.php

If we open it we will see php code, but when we open it we must look for something similar to this; where several methods declared with functions appear, but the one that interests us is the DB_NAME. There our database name will appear.

5 ways to protect WordPress by modifying wp-config.php

Knowing what the name of our database is, now if we enter our hosting.

Creating a Database on Hostinger – 30bees

And now a list of our database appears, we only look for the one that corresponds to our site. (This panel is from Hostinger, it should look like any other hosting.)

We access the database in MySQL's phpMyAdmin and then we should see the tables of the WordPress installation:

Beginner's Guide to WordPress Database Management with phpMyAdmin - WPBeginner

To optimize the tables we can select all and then select the option to  repair tables  and  optimize tables. If we also want to remove the comments, we look for the  wp_comments table and click empty. Ready this process you can do it once a month. It is important to optimize a database since it grows considerably within our hosting, we can also help eliminate unnecessary records.

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