✅ How to Make Money by Being a Freelancer

✅ How to Make Money by Being a Freelancer

✅ How to Make Money by Being a Freelancer

More and more people are working freelancely around the world. But have you ever wondered where the term freelance comes from and what it is?

The term arises from the Middle Ages since they were freelancers (free throws) warriors who provided their services to the king without being directly involved with the kingdom since they carried their own weapons and combat techniques, later by 1882 the term becomes used specifically for workers who provide their services independently so old is the service of the freelancer.

Today economic needs and lack of opportunities opened the door to one of the largest sources of work for people today and thanks to technology we can bet that it will be the new way of working for new generations as it accommodates your working schedule and allows you to do it from anywhere.

Next I'm going to tell you what it is and how you can be a freelancer and make multiple profits from the comfort of your home

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  1. 🚀¿What is freelancer?
    1. ◁ Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Freelance
    2. 🥇 ¿What do I need to be a freelancer?
    3. 🤓 99designs
    4. ✔ Peopleperhour
    5. ≫ Upwork
    6. 🙂 Fiverr
    7. 🔥 Freelancer
    8. 💥 Freelance Work
    9. ⚡ flexjobs

🚀¿What is freelancer?

What is freelancer
What is freelancer

The freelancer is the person who exercises his profession on his own, does not work for someone else or a particular company, that has made him an important figure in the field of work since he talks about a person with high responsibility for organization and talent in what he does since he must assume responsibilities that in his fault a company would do if you were hired.

Being a freelancer allows us to make a profit without a cap in addition to not having an exclusive contract with any company. At first it was done more professionally but nowadays it is only enough to be good at your job, that you decide to be your own boss and to earn your own salary just by doing what you like.

The freelancer is increasing due to the current situations in which in the world where social estating is necessary so many people are forced to look for more alternatives to obtain income without putting their health at risk and above all that adapts to their pace of work. The job offer is multiplying more and more and you can find something just what you're good at.

◁ Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Freelance

Advantages and disadvantages of being Freelance
Advantages and disadvantages of being Freelance

Advantages: one of the main advantages to being freelance is that there are no limits on income as you work and have a good client portfolio the amount of income you put in your pocket will have no limits.

having control of your schedules and schedules, not having an exclusive contract with a company and not having a set schedule are some of the advantages since you impose yourself when working from home.


  • Not having a fixed salary
  • You don't have benefits of any kind
  • It is usually a solo job as being at home there is no social contact.

🥇 ¿What do I need to be a freelancer?

¿What do I need to be a freelancer?
¿What do I need to be a freelancer?

1- Today one of the human needs that predominate in work and entertainment activity is technology to be a freelancer you first need to have a computer or laptop to be able to carry out your activity.

2- Another point you need is to know what you do well and that you like to do especially in defining yourself in an activity to be able to explore your work skills.

3- Specialize in your work in order to get a better client portfolio.

4- Organize yourself by setting working hours, developing good proposals and clarifying rates for your services.

5- To get started in the freelance world you will need tools that allow you to expand your field of work and you can get good job offers for that there are platforms that allow you to find what you are looking for below I will show you 7 platforms to be able to start your activity as a freelancer and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss and everything from home.

🤓 99designs

Eight years ago it made its first link and has now positioned itself as the first global community to contact freelance designers with small businesses easily and effectively.


✔ Peopleperhour

English company founded in 2007 that has a platform that connects companies with freelancers who want to work online.

Through this web portal you can find many projects aimed at professionals from different areas: programmers, writing and translation, design, advertising, marketing, image (photography and video), business, music and audio, sales, social communication and more.


≫ Upwork

In 2015, the merger of Elance-oDesk was renamed Upwork and the company's full name is now Upwork Global Inc. and is an independent American work platform where companies and freelancers connect to conduct business.


🙂 Fiverr

Founded in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace for independent services. The company provides a platform for freelance workers to provide services to clients around the world.


🔥 Freelancer

Founded in 2004, it is the world's largest freelance and crowdsourcing labour market by number of users and projects. We connect more than 48,445,482 employers and freelancers worldwide from more than 247 countries.


💥 Freelance Work

It was established in 2004 with the aim of offering a platform to search and contract professional services autonomously in Latin America and Spain and functions as a meeting point between companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Freelance Work

⚡ flexjobs


It was created in 2007 to provide a reliable, more effective, friendly and generally better way to find remote and flexible professional jobs

To undertake the freelance journey you must be consenting that through your work and dedication and always with the help of the organization you will be able to find the ideal work for you to develop professionally and earn unlimited income.


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