✅ How to Earn Bitcoin Free With FaucetCrypto


✅ How to Earn Bitcoin Free With FaucetCrypto

Faucet or coin tap are the simplest way to earn small digital assets that bring you profits from very easy activities. today there is a page that makes you win very easily and reliably when it comes to charging and is called Faucetcrypto.

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  1. ✓ ¿What is Faucetcrypto?
    1. ≫ ¿How Faucetcrypto Works?
    2. ◁ Ready To Claim!
    3. ✔ Link Task
    4. → Achievements
    5. ⇨ Site Tasks
    6. 🥇 Offerswalls
    7. 🙂 Referral
    8. ✅ Types of cryptocurrencies available on FaucetCrypto
    9. ✅ Conclusions
    10. 🤑 Page Features
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✓ ¿What is Faucetcrypto?

Online from 2017 until now it is one of the most reliable pages when entering as it is a multitasking page that allows us to earn money by performing 5 different types of tasks when you finish performing the tasks your reward is reflected on the platform as Coins which can be redeemable for the 20 different types of cryptocurrencies.

Here's how it works and how you can withdraw your winnings.

register faucetcrypto
register faucetcrypto

In Faucetcrypto the log that does not take you more than 3 minutes you only have to register with your email within a few minutes you visit your inbox and in case you do not have it in the main view visit your spam or spam folder so that you can validate your email address and that is how easy you are already registered in Faucetcrypto.

≫ ¿How Faucetcrypto Works?

On this multitasking platform once you log into your account you will find a balance of the total coins you have, you might think that because the page is in English you would have problems when it comes to trading but quite the opposite its simple interfaces allow the user to realize what you are doing.

The interesting thing about faucetcrypto is that it is handled based on levels and all this depends on the number of times you enter the page and the continuity of use you give it, the higher your level, the greater the profits.

Just by logging into the platform every 24 hours you will get 35 coins automatically.

By logging into your account on the home screen you will find a menu with 4 options at a glance.

◁ Ready To Claim!

Ready To Claim faucetcrypto
Ready To Claim faucetcrypto

Maybe this is the easiest option to generate coins as you can do it - every 40 minutes it's easy

  • you get into the ready to claim option
  • you wait 12 seconds and a button will appear that says get reward
  • click it and you're done 19 coins directly for your balance

so you don't miss any of the notifications activate the sound bell to alert you when your claim is there.

Link Task
Link Task

this task is to visit some place that will ask us and thus earn fractions of tokens, we just have to go in the "Links" section, we will have to wait a few seconds looking at the task and then we will earn coins as a reward.

→ Achievements


This option is a system of achievements and objectives that Faucetcrypto gives its users where you can see your activity rewarded within the platform since it will assign you a series of objectives which you can achieve by developing the activities within the page once your goal is achieved will be able to claim your reward, there is also a menu that shows your performance in each of the objectives to be achieved.

The higher your performance, the higher the level you get within faucetcrypto and the better the rewards.

⇨ Site Tasks

Site Tasks
Site Tasks

In this section of the website you can earn free coins with a very simple activity that we will now see how to perform. Upon entering any of the options we will see the duration and reward we will earn for completing this section.

Then a new tab will open that you must keep open for the time indicated to be added the coins corresponding to your 😉.

🥇 Offerswalls


as I mentioned above Faucetcrypto are handled through levels to be able to choose the offerwalls you will have to reach a level 20 that you will get in an easy way if you stay active the first 5 days inside the platform here there are 3 sections.

Wannads the first to register on pages with personal data.

Surveywall is filling out surveys.

OfferDaddy download apps and use them for several days.

🙂 Referral

In the referral system you will have access to a link to be able to promote your activity within Faucetcrypto this will bring as a benefit 25% of everything generated by your guest in commission for life and for each of the people who register on the platform with your link.

Best of all, it has no limits and you can invite as many people as you want.

✅ Types of cryptocurrencies available on FaucetCrypto

Types of cryptocurrencies available on FaucetCrypto
Types of cryptocurrencies available on FaucetCrypto

When withdrawing you should take into account that each cryptocurrency requires a minimum for withdrawal just like the wallet you will use to withdraw all this is seen in the Withdraw section

To be able to select a cryptocurrency you have to look at which one is available and which one has funds in the top right there is a button that says filled there is the time to choose because if it says empty you will not be able to claim your currency until it has funds. The type of wallet That Faucetcrypto supports depends on the type of currency and the funds available in it when you choose a cryptocurrency, a menu called Withdraw Method will be displayed with two options available:

Direct Withdraw if this option appears means that you can withdraw in any wallet.

Faucetpay will only be able to use the Faucetpay microwallet and remember that withdrawal is commission-free and payments are instantaneous.

✅ Conclusions

It is one of the best cryptocurrency faucets that you can find as it is reliable, besides that in the tasks to be performed are very simple, with multiple options and best of all, the more you participate the more you earn with reliable payments and direct to your Wallet. Here are more articles on how to earn free bitcoin online.

🤑 Page Features

Rating: ★★★★★

Language: English, you can translate it into google chroom.

Accepted countries: everyone.

FaucetPay: Create Your Account Here.

👇 The Page Registration here in the banner 👇

banner faucetcrypto

Important note: if you don't know how to do surveys I leave you an article explaining it in detail. "How to Do Paid Surveys HERE"

Platform Type: Cryptocurrencies.

Withdrawal method: FaucetPay and any bitcoin wallet.

Wallet you accept: bitcoin and among great variety.

🤑 FaucetCrypto Explanatory Video

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