How to design our website?

The design and structure of our website is the most important when it comes to having a good appearance, so we must consider the most important part when creating our website, here we will mention the most important aspects that our website must contain. page, as well as; privacy policy, menu organization etc.

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  1. Create Images for our website design with Canva
  2. Choose and customize your theme for your website.
  3. Create categories and menu in WordPress
    1. Add categories to the main menu of our page in WordPress.
  4. Add policy pages to our site.
    1. Tutorial on how to structure and design our website:

Create Images for our website design with Canva

To create images for our website, there are many tools that can help us, such as canva , Photoshop etc. In my case we use canva as it is a website that offers free features and premium features. We are free to choose the tools we want.

canva logo
canva logo

To start creating a logo for our page , in canva for example, we go to the main search engine of your page and type logo, pressing enter , and a large number of default templates that we can use will appear. We select the one we like the most, in the same way we can modify the template, as well as the colors and text , taking "dogs" as a reference

dog canvas templates
dog canvas templates

When choosing the template that we like, we see that we have a lot of options, as well as modify the text, etc. On the left side we have all the tools that we use to make the changes. Within those options we can change the color, change and move elements etc. So it depends on the creativity of each of us, and this tool is super easy to use.

editing template in canva
editing template in canva

Once the changes are finished, we download the image in the format that we want, although we must consider that we can only download in a standard format if we use the free versions . In the upper right part we click on share, we select the format, either in .PNG .JPG ETC. and we give you download, ready we have already created our first image for our logo of our page .

canva image formats
canva image formats

Choose and customize your theme for your website.

The theme is another important thing for your website, since according to our theme or what we want to convey to our audience, we can customize containers, images, colors, etc. To choose a template you have to go to WordPress panel>appearance>themes. You will find many free themes and some contain premium features that help us to better customize our website. Now we choose the template that we like the most and install it. In our case we choose a template called GeneratePress

templates for wordpress
templates for wordpress


Create categories and menu in WordPress

To create a menu that will be displayed at the bottom of our theme, we must already have a plan for our themes on our website, for example, if your site is about technology, you can create subcategories such as; database, news, tutorials etc.

We must go to the WordPress panel > Posts> Categories there we create each of our categories, and in the slug it will be part of the URL that will identify our domain, we can add a text about any of the categories that we are integrating. On the right side we will see the categories that we have added. Now those will belong to a section of our website.

create categories in wordpress
create categories in wordpress

Add categories to the main menu of our page in WordPress.

Once our categories are created, we must add them to our menu, for this we go to the WordPress panel> appearance> menu. Now we look for the categories section, we select all the categories that we created and add them to the menu, we can organize them in the order that we like the most and give it a hierarchy, we can also place them as subcategories. Now we just click on saving the menu with the name we want.

Menu with wordpess categories
WordPress Category Menu

Add policy pages to our site.

To add policies, contact, privacy etc. pages, we must add from the WordPress panel> pages. These pages are important as all pages must have cookie policies etc. Now we will add each of the pages according to the law of the countries. Among those pages are:

About us

Legal warning

Cookies policy

Privacy Policy 


When adding these pages , we need to add them in our footer.

pages in wordpress
WordPress pages

Now we know all the basics to structure our website.

To learn how to configure our site with these elements, we invite you to watch the video tutorial of the basic structure

Restore WordPress Website Backup (Opens in a new browser tab)

Tutorial on how to structure and design our website:

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