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A framework is an organized structure that is already optimized to create a project, it also offers us various functionalities such as libraries, forums, etc. Since, being open source, they are supported by the community. Some frameworks such as: ionic, angular, Vue, pwa, bootstrap and react among others, are just some of the examples that we can start using to build our applications.

The need for optimal development of mobile applications mainly allows speeding up development processes when building applications. Time constraints can reduce the possibilities of an elaborate and slow study when developing mobile applications. 

Mobile application development trends have been directed towards new methodologies and processes. The classic trends are slow in development and have seen the need to discover new and agile techniques that allow the process in less time and cost. The use of the framework for optimal development of mobile applications is proposed as a solution to a development problem in code ordering and reuse.   

In view of the problems that have arisen in the development of mobile applications, the framework is of great help for the programming of mobile applications, the bases are proposed for the study of the use of different programming frameworks of an evaluation model that allows the selection of the development tool based on a comparative study. 

The use of a framework in the development of an application implies a certain initial learning cost, although in the long term it is likely to facilitate both development and maintenance. It is a new custom development model that seeks to optimize processes to the maximum in order to offer quick solutions without reducing the quality of the service.  

Framework operational variables

Variables  Definition 


Framework  A Framework is a framework or work scheme generally used by programmers to carry out software development that allows speeding up development processes since it avoids having to write code repetitively, ensures good practices and code consistency. 





Mobile application development  For the development of mobile applications, the analysis of the functionality of the frameworks has been observed since they serve to organize the project and reuse the variables declared in each programming module to improve the projects that are carried out in a timely manner. in prospecting the objective of the app. 


-less time 


-Carry out projects in less time 

-Objectives defined in programming 

The framework has a conceptual structure, it is much easier to integrate and although it has specific artifacts, components or modules, these only represent a guide for the organization and development of the project. It is characterized by empowering teams to learn and continuously improve, in order to improve and maximize value. 

Although we say that there is a great conceptual difference, sometimes it is almost inevitable to use the term agile methodology, to refer to "agile frameworks" . 

The important thing is that we know how to apply this difference in our agile projects, without falling into the use of frameworks as if they were methodologies, giving prominence to the use of different tools, such as roles and artifacts, before to the principles and values ​​of agility and its different frameworks. 

What is a framework?  - SURATICS SOFTWARE
What is a framework? - SURATICS SOFTWARE

Frameworks are an excellent option for developing cloud-based web applications, as they can also be easily adapted to any browser and mobile device. Therefore, it also allows you to manage information in the cloud from a user interface.

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