Analysis and planning for scheduling

Analysis and planning when programming provides you with a number of ideas that help you develop the program on the fly, since these are mainly based on analysis and a vision of how we want our program to work, that is why We recommend you read mathematical logic in programming . This will help you first understand some basics you need to know to start programming.

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  1. 1-Analysis and planning 
  2. 2-Analysis of the structured design  
  3. 3-Analysis in Development  

1-Analysis and planning 

The analysis is a very broad process which must be based on planning to be able to see what are the tools that are going to be used and what is the problem that is to be solved in order to be able to manage the time well and finish the project, then we have to break the problem down into smaller parts so that it can be better understood by complying with all the established requirements. 

person planning and analyzing - pixabay
person planning and analyzing - pixabay

2-Analysis of the structured design  

In this part we can see several ways to represent a computer program, the most common are the pseudocode, which is a practice that is done in text to be able to structure the steps that must be followed in an orderly manner, in the other way is the diagram of flows that are structured of boxes that fulfill a function each one with the established steps. 

Structured analysis also has to be based on UML models, it is practically the unified modeling language that will allow you to create a structure through software to graph, plan, build and document a system.

3-Analysis in Development  

In the development, an analysis must also be made, that is, specify all the classes, their hierarchy, relationship with the objects, the methods that are going to be used and the algorithms that can be implemented, in general, specify the operation of each of the parts of the system, the logical part must also be taken into account with the graphic part since they go hand in hand. We have to check the data input, the processing and the output of the information that is presented. 

In development analysis, documentation is important since it will allow you to remember each of the functions of your built system.

3d programming - pixabay
3d programming - pixabay

The analysis and planning will help you to correctly plan your objectives, to achieve them it is necessary to apply techniques that will help us go step by step. The development of diagrams is the simplest way to give us an idea of ​​what our programs will do and make them more efficient.

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